the clean way

sexy young girl1 the clean wayJust previously on the last article, I somehow insisted that dildo and toothbrush can be similar in a way that they are both for personal and should be owned.

I have been thinking the past few days I actually meant they are alike- because for some I know that they would find this idea stupid, even non-sense, worse meaningless to those who are not comfortable discussing things like SEX.

But I definitely write because I want to share my thoughts and I want to diffuse what’s inside my mind to the rest of the world.  Writing is ART and writing means you have deep sense of understanding of everything around you.

If we know something, then we should share it.  It is our responsibility to do so.  Let us not wait for that stupid reaction when we would hear in the news that a woman was brought to the hospital for doing it with a dog, or a gay with his bottom slashed and underwent a major operation because a banana got stuck inside his butt just to satisfy his midnight sexual urges.

Before, just like everyone else, I would find talking about sex toys taboo and abnormal.  Although I was not brought up conservative by my parents, it is the society that dictates it.

My only point is – it is much safer to use dildo because it is personal like a toothbrush.  Whenever and wherever you think about getting laid and having the feeling of bursting fireworks, this handyman is ready to serve you in the most pleasurable way.

Inside a car when a horny gets hornier, she may just end up parked in a secluded place with high bushes to cover the deed.  If a gay wants to play doggie style, re-inventing a new position, he may practice with a dildo without worrying about being rushed to the hospital with face covered because of shameful act.  Even couples who desire to take the extraordinary adventures may accessorize the smashing with glow-in-dark little ones.

I also heard that gays have underground parties and they call it “Party and Play”.  On these lustful events, participating in an orgy is as normal as casual.  With Mr. Handyman, in between, they can have the luxury of a relaxed sex party without that after-party nightmare.

Like a toothbrush, the dildo is handy.  You may pouched it and carry it in your small purse.  Like a toothbrush, you can use it anytime you need one.  Like a toothbrush, it comes in different colors and shapes.  Like a toothbrush, you may want to choose the one vibrating to help you make the clean easier.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes hygiene.  Like a toothbrush, it is very personal you can even do it in a public wash are.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes good health and prevents communicable diseases.


Adult Toys

young teens jumping Adult Toys

The new breed of generation has a lot to look forward to for they now have the most modern and easiest access to technology.  As the population of the world grows, the faster the culture evolves… the more liberal the young age becomes. But this is not the real point I am heading to, I want to concentrate on culture and that culture is SEX.

I am quite curious and adventurous when it comes to this topic, it is no longer an adult thing- it is not becoming part even of our most casual conversations.  Even the conventionalist of all words and how we create our languages games, sex has thrown a big part of our expressions.

What makes we want to discuss about this is how I think it is now “accessible” to teens.  Condoms at every convenient store during every stop-over to gas up can be bought OTC (over-the-counter).  Contraceptive pills are no longer distributed through the nearest health clinics but are already available even without consulting a physician, even without prescriptions.  Sex Banners and advertisements, they sway with advocacy plate attached in posts, public places and sometimes billboards.  Sex toys in Manila like bargains spread through the streets of Quiapo, Baclaran and all odd places you would want to find them. You can buy sex toys online without the embarrassment of coming in a physical store.

But what can we do when prevention is already nearing out of reach? Educate the young ones, immerse and raise consciousness.  This way, the prevention is not done by stopping but by healing it.

For me, since I still belong to the your bracket, preventing sexually transmitted disease like HIV is not through isolating sex and make it stay out of the your one’s consciousness.  Teaching them how to practice safe sex does the prevention.  And having this new set of your people doesn’t only mean them teaching them in classroom.  Letting them explores like how to lubricate, or how to manipulate sex gadgets is actually a means of letting know that old guys understand them. This will help them become aware that these things are available in the market conveniently and may not require a partner to satisfy their urge.  This is one way of being hygienic.  Like a toothbrush, a dildo is a personal toiletry!

The Big O

34282k4v6a6ut2c 300x204 The Big OThe intense sensation of pleasure, the sheer bliss and the tingling feeling…ORGASM.

Most women are having hard time reaching their peak during intercourse. In fact, according to statistics, 50% of women never orgasm with intercourse “alone” and one in six never orgasm at all.

No, it’s not that your partner is not working hard to satisfy you. It’s never his fault. It’s your anatomy. If your clitoris is too far from your vagina, no matter how hard your beau work on his tricks, you’ll never gonna get that euphoria. If the distance is more than 3cm, women will never experience orgasm with intercourse alone.

So, how do we solve this problem? Most women don’t. Why? Because they are too shy or even afraid to admit to their partner for they might offend him. The result? Most women fake their orgasm to please their dude, get his approval and boost his ego.

But the fake orgasm has to stop. How? By adding a personal touch to your sex life. It’s time to get that vibrator you’ve been staring at on your screen for who-knows how long. So go on. Discuss it with your partner, get real and honest with him. One key to a successful realtionship is an open communication and a great sex. What’s better than hearing him say your name when you both reach your climax? Now, cuddle up and touch with a help in hand.

Gift Ideas

bundled gifts 300x300 Gift IdeasTired of the old conventional gifts like clothes, bags, shoes, flowers or stuff toys?

Are you thinking deeply for a unique gift or something out of the box to suprise your special someone whether it’s a wedding, birthday or an anniversary?








Some list that may help you.

  • Travel & Leisure

Takes time and preparation and most importantly a lot of $$$$$$, in short this does not come cheap. But if you have the cash then this will truly be appreciated. Buy a ticket to a beach, somewhere remote, somewhere you can recharge and revitalize your soul, away from the busy and stressful environment of the city.

Buy a sex toy for your love one, not only you will catch him/her by surprise it will surely spice up or even save your relationship. For a lot of good reasons, it’s cheaper than getting a hooker, it’s cheaper than filing for an annulment,
it’s safer than a one night stand.

  • Cash

For the busy lazy dogs who doesn’t have the time buying gifts, let’s face it, we all live in a material world, it’s been around since the time of Greeks and Romans, and it makes the world go round. Don’t disappoint him/her with a dust collector gifts like a figurine or stuff toy. Give your someone a fat juicy Good Old Cash, not only will you save you time but energy as well

  • Tech / Gadgets

Cellphones, notebooks, laptops, Iphones. Everyone loves this, not only it’s trendy but it also marks your status and now a days these gadgets has become a part of everyone’s lives.  It’s a great gift and a lot of choices to choose from, even the cheapest to the most luxurious one.

  • Customized Gifts

If you know how to paint or draw, then give your her/him one of your masterpieces. If you know how to write a song then sing for him/her.  If you know arts then make a mosaic or something unique that you cannot buy in any stores.

They say it’s the thought that counts but in reality, what good a gift is if you already have it.


Sex Toys in Manila

quiapo 300x225 Sex Toys in Manila I normally go to Quiapo to attend mass but what I also love about looking forward to Sundays will be the colorful streets of it filled with bargains and cheap items.

To me, getting a nice dress after each mass is like realizing the meditation of my wishes inside the church. I would always feel excited after we have exchanged and shared our peace to one another. This prompts me that I just have another 15 minutes to wait and head to the corners outside. By the time I‘d take my first step out, I would feel my heart pumping because of excitement. I would feel the rush inside me to hop from one stall to another and find the best piece. I know it’s a weird feeling but it is liberating! The place really offers sorts of all kinds – those pans and fryers the cook would need to deliver a palatable dish, for the medical professionals who need books, to the adventurous shoppers who would love to pick anything that amuse them, to the mothers who would want to put fresh fruits on their tables, to the musician who want a new set of drums and strings of his guitar, to the varsity player who is looking for a new pair of rubber shoes, and even to the lesbians who are outspoken of their preferences and who would want to get a nice toy for play, etc.

Whoops! May I go back to the last portion of my previous paragraph – I suddenly realized how odd the place is when you would actually see vibrators, dildos, and even goat’s eye lashes right there outside of my worship place. It really caught my attention! It really did and in fact, I got curious. It crossed my mind that I can actually use this to spice up my relationship with my hubby. It appeared like a bulb lightened up just an inch above my forehead! I can actually use those!

There were in nice colors – vibrant and bright; they come in different sizes, shapes and textures; some actually look like kids’ toys; some are arranged in boxes like those of firecrackers – name it and I think they have it. But what make me hesitant to go near them are those staring eyes around me. What could be the reaction of these people? Will I be judged negatively? How about my sex life? How about the plan in the couch? My hubby has been eager and I could already imagine him pounding and sweating and not stopping.

I really need one and I need to find out an alternative way to get it! I suddenly thought of finding an  online sex toy store. From there the rest followed. I found variance, more colorful and most especially a discreet means through the net. I can just have them sent to my house without the hassles of buying them in a public place and not having to worry of the humiliation during bag inspections in MRT or in malls. And besides the actual sex toy, they also have these package complete with nose-friendly lubricants, hygienic products and other items ready. It’s just one click and the next thing you’d hear is the LBC man in front of your doorsteps knocking.

That purple vibrator I just bought last week, that makes me think of doing the “couch” again, save for tonight!



relationships, before, today

couples kissing 199x300 relationships, before, today Philippines has been a very conservative country, we are honed by our rich cultures and traditions that identifies as a Filipino and a Filipina. Everywhere we go we carry our values with us and that’s what keeps us apart and unique from any other human race in the world. And like any other species, we are driven to change, no matter how our values and traditions have been kept and passed on in many generations, time together with evolution these things will change whether you like it or not, it is inevitable.

I remember the good old days when there is no means of communication except via phone or via letter (non – electronic), days when telebabad and penpal were thriving, but gone were those days. Today, people or couples have every means of communication no one imagine 20 years ago, one can just text in their thoughts, call instantly using a cellphone, interact to all of their friends, using social network like Facebook or Tweeter. Have an instant video call using Skype, Yahoo or any other media applications, and these are not just done telegraphically, these are done in an instant. There are lot of good things technology has brought to us, and with good things there must be bad right? well I am not sure if it’s bad, but in a conservative way of thinking, I say it’s different.

Young Couples have become more and more interactive, no need to worry if your parents are watching you, no more asking of  “who are your talking to?”, because everyone now can just use a cellphone or laptop or whatever to communicate and have their own privacy.  For a modern guy like me, I say it is good, it helps people get to know each other in faster phase. Imagine marrying someone because the guy took 5 years of “panliligaw”, and decided to marry him even she doesn’t truly and deeply know the guy. And then the wife is all stuck up in marriage where she never wanted, because she doesn’t have the chance to get to know the person more.

A lot of changes happening lately specially in terms of relationship, and some questions will still haunt or affect
a guy or girl due to the fact that cultures and traditions still live inside of us. Will virginity remains a factor in choosing a girl of your dreams? Will a guy needs to be in a decent family background before your parents accept him to be your lawfully wedded husband? Will you love someone that has been already divorced to another person?  Will you marry a woman that has three kids? Is one night stand acceptable? Will sex toys in the Philippines become normal?

These questions may or may not be answered today, but surely change can drive cultures and traditions to evolve. And every single individual has to accept that no matter you don’t like the things that is happening and changing, you as a human will sooner or later will adapt to it, maybe not you, but surely your offspring.

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