What Is A Cock Ring?

images1 What Is A Cock Ring?Cock ring is one of the most popular sex toys in the market today. This sexual device allows an individual to sizzle and have their desired pleasure with their sexual activities. It is a unique device and was specially designed for sex to give couples or individuals the sexual sensation that they want. Couples can have more exciting ways to heat up their night together in bed as it is the best sexual technique that they can do for sex and pleasure.


There are different types of a cock ring. Some are very expensive while others are budget friendly. Anyone can have this type of sex toy for their sexual needs. Cock ring is available in the market for various styles such as cock rings that place around the penis and sex balls all in one, those cock rings that have separate balls, with vibrations, with butt wands that are built-in, and cock rings with weights that swing the balls. With the various types of cock ring, there are also various ways on the use of such sexual device.


The standard process for using cock rings is that, you only need to put it on the penis for erection and to strengthen the sexual part. When placing the cock ring, you can either stretch or clip the device especially for the adjustable ones. Take off the ring after 10 minutes if it is your first time to use such device in order for your penis to adapt on the conditions of the cock ring. While for non-adjustable ring, put the cock ring when completely flaccid, and then place the testicles through the ring to harden your penis, and to allow erection for 20 minutes. After which, you must remove the cock ring to avoid any damage or bruise on your genital area.


Cock ring is definitely the most effective and efficient sex toys for men because it is very easy and simple to use. You are likely putting socks when you are placing the rings on your penis. It is elastic as a rubber that will allow you easier insertion of ring in the penis and the balls.

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