My Boyfriend and I

Desert My Boyfriend and IFor some couples, sex is one of the most important aspects in any relationship. There is always the need for both parties to satisfy the other. But what if on several occasions, you’re unable to satisfy your partner? Or what if it’s the other way around? Being able to support your partner till the very end is very important in sex and vice versa. If you are having problems doing this, then it is advisable that you get help from sex toys.

Sex toys provide couples with a way to fulfill different desires. You can get these toys in different designs, shapes and even colors. There are several types of toys; some are designed for men, some are designed for women and some are designed for both sexes.

If you want to satisfy your man, you can get sex toys such as cock ring,masturbators and vibrators which can make your man throb and hard all through the day. After having intercourse, you can be sure that his orgasm will be so great to a point where he’d almost faint.

Now, if you would like your woman to be satisfied, or if you want her to be ready to play with you or if you want her to be ready for every type of manner you can think of, sex toys will be a great way to achieve all of these.

If you’re aiming her to willingly agree with, say, anal sex, you may try using butt plugs. You may use lubes to help her feel at ease to this sex toy. If you want her to get used to anal sex, you may also introduce anal beads. This type of sex toys can be used all throughout the day; this will help make her get used to having this toy inside her ass.  You may also introduce vibrating dildos, which are truly magnificent inventions.

No matter what type of sex toys you are opting to use, it will surely help you maintain healthy and happy sexual relationship with your partner. Just make sure to know more about these toys before actually using them.


On Frigidity..

image 263 On Frigidity..The term frigidity is defined as the inability of a woman to attain orgasm during intercourse or can be referred to a female sexual arousal disorder. This can also be related to lack or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. To have a better understanding of the definition it is the counter part of impotence which is being experienced by male individuals.

This may not be known to many of us but there is a very high percentage of women having this kind of dilemma.  Some research books say that there are 2 kinds of frigidity; the first one is the total lack of sexual desire while the other one still has sexual desire but lacks desire for current partner.  These situations can be acquired through time or lifelong, which means that person has no sexual desire since birth.  In some cultures low sexual desire especially for women may be normal and on the contrary having high desire is a problem for them. This means that the concept whether the sexual desire is in a “normal” level depends on the culture and values of an individual.

Before females are plainly home makers, her main task is to nurse and train the children as well as prepare the clothing and food for the family and all other household chores which for some are very demeaning and more often they are being subjected to abuse because of financial dependency to their male partners. Sometimes this obstructs their sexual responses and psychological development.  Modern females are no longer just wives and mothers they contribute primarily on the finances which supports the whole family. They have now their careers and they are empowered to do everything because of their financial and economic stability.

There are actually a lot of factors affecting the sexual desire of a women, it can be a medical or health condition, psychiatric problem, environment or even her present relationship with her partner (having other woman or even financial stress) which prevent them from reacting to their intimate moments.  There are also females who take medicines which can affect their sexual arousal; example is taking birth control pills.  Sometimes if you feel being degraded because of unusual things present inside your bedroom like using sex toys or hand cuffs (for role play) you tend to respond negatively to your partner’s sexual actions.  For some having a bad experience in terms of intercourse, maybe its not pleasing or plainly the act is not satisfying that’s why they do not feel being aroused?

In our society, we recognize that sexual incompatibility is a problem and it is considered as a stress for the couple, more often it can lead to misunderstanding. But how does a male partner reacts to frigidity?  Some may also lack interest in having sexual intercourse as the female partner is not responding to his actions.  For some, they may care a little because more than anything they value the relationship and the companionship they spent through the years.

Is it LOVE or LUST?

love or lust2 Is it LOVE or LUST?Do you really know the difference between love and lust? If someone is in a relationship or just admiring somebody from afar, it is difficult to determine what you truly feel for that person. How do you spot if it is a true love? You will know that it is love if you are committed to your partner for the rest of your life. You are with that person for a long time and very much aware of his or her flaws and you can’t even imagine life without that person despite your differences. You don’t need anything from this individual but you still need to stay his or her side. In terms of physical intimacy, you feel closer o the person after having sex and you always try thing to keep the flame alive in your relationship. If that person is the one that you think of when you want to share your innermost thoughts, then it must be love. 

Lust on the other hand is defined as a strong sexual desire or overwhelming crave for sexual pleasure like a sex toy. If you are in a relationship and you are looking for someone to boost your ego or you are looking to catch someone to go to bed with wearing that fancy lingerie, maybe what you feel is lust. You need this person because you benefit from him or her sexually or any other things. You don’t even see yourself settling down with this person and can’t act naturally if your with him or her; this is just infatuation or just a simple lust. For some, they can’t deny the fact that they are longing for that lust that helps them to increase their confidence and to feel that they are desirable. Actually men are more inclined to have one night stands while women then to connect love and lust to a higher degree like romance. Like men focus on body parts and things which are pleasing to the eyes,  women are more on security and serious matters

Nowadays, it is really confusing to define love but in this modern time you can actually feel in love even without having regular sex, this is applicable especially for partners who have been together for a long time already. For them, it is no longer the physical attraction that keeps them together but their attachment and commitment to one another that makes their relationship stronger. We now want our partner to give us both stability and affection, respect for our own individuality. We need to provide all the security to our partner that no matter what happens the relationship will stand through the test of time. It is really a challenge to survive especially now that a lot of temptations are present and it is truly impossible to sustain the desire to grow old together unless you really want to make it happen. We all know that love is a wonderful feeling that can be achieved if you have trust and respect for each other.


Across the Miles Intimacy

long distance 6281 Across the Miles IntimacyAcross the Miles Intimacy


A laidback afternoon for me would be a good time in bed, wearing a lingerie, with my feet brushing through the soft and warm feel of my sheets. That’s my way of hibernating especially when the rain won’t stop outside and the cold wind would numb every tip of my body. But while hibernation means slowing down and a state of inactivity to conserve some useful energy, it will keep my mind awake and my imagination to soar far across thousands of miles between me and my boyfriend – then daydreaming and fantasies start. Unnoticed and unconsciously, my afternoon has just dug another hole in the core of my missing and longing.


And so that I would not end up with tears when I transition from hibernating, I liberalize myself with other stuff that interests me. I would match this slow phase with reading – a piece of book or magazine or browsing through the net. Because I consider these laidback moments serene and a perfect time to be alone with myself, I always see to it that I get sensible resolve for my personal issues, inhibitions, doubts, aspirations, etc. Topping my list are usually the topics where I can immerse myself well. And so, sustaining and surviving a long distance relationship always frequents the search engines of Google.


I have always been confident that no matter how high and sturdy the walls are and how endless the distance is between two people, as long as the faith for love is strong, they will always end up together. But on one occasion during a friend’s party, I had some good conversation with my high school pals and one of them, out of bitterness proclaims that long distance relationships rarely survive. In a snap, I felt a strike inside my head – I saw myself in the same situation and I didn’t want to lose my grip on what I have always believed in. It made me pull the trigger to find out why and so I asked. He had just ended a 4-year relationship with his girlfriend who’s working in an Arab country. They tried to make communication lines open as always as possible but they could not afford to stand missing a lot of each other and so before things would get even worse and sweet moments become sour, they decided to cool off at first; then, eventually broke up and let time dictate their destiny.


The whole long distance breaking-up story of my friend created questions that since then have lingered in my head – reality and fairytale. Whenever I search for topics to read, I would always key in stories of long distance relationships. It even bothered me that most of those I read, at least 80% says that loving from miles apart would usually lasts for awhile and eventually both would realize that they want someone closer.


And so instead of reading through heart-breaking stories, I switched to searching for tips on how to make love across the distance work. I got to read creative ways of how each day would feel like you are physically together, some ways of flirting while on chat, messages that will heat him up and call for a hot phone sex, etc. These are just a few of them. And so I have come to my realization that I should no longer be doubting my long distance flame.


From those helpful tips, I wanted to be creative on my own – thought of ways on how I can make my man hard in just soft whispers over phone calls, how I can make him wanting more even without real sex, how I can make him think about sex all the time.


Of course, before I could start with my plans, I needed to safeguard myself in such a way my man wouldn’t notice that I am initiating the flirt. I didn’t want him to create that kind of impression on me. I wanted to stay just as how he knows me.


The perfect time has come – while he kept on telling me that he misses me so badly on a skype night, I started licking my upper lip so he’d notice the gesture. I know that whenever I do that, he’d turn hard and would want to start the game. Then he popped the words I waited for so long to hear – he wanted to do me online. I could feel every bit of his urge and so I continued to touch my lips with my fingers. He likes it when I do that. I slowly reached through my top tank from my neck down and I could see his beaming eyes wanting to see more of my flirting. Then I stopped. I needed to reserve some for the next. I shouldn’t be giving him all at once.


More skype nights came and we became more comfortable of being intimate online. After the sweet skype sex, we will discuss stuff about us, share our everyday experiences, talk about our lives apart, crack funny jokes like what we do when we are together, patch issues we never discussed, reminisce the good old days…and so on. Unnoticed and unconsciously, we become closer, love has grown deeper, attitude towards our relationship becomes more mature, we no longer mind the distance between us – we feel more secured.


The thought that long distance relationships are hard to nurture and sustain may come from those who are afraid to take risks and get hurt. I have a different view with that of my friend when he decided to break up with his girlfriend because he cannot stand missing her so bad. For me, the more I miss my boyfriend, the more my love grows stronger.


Picking him up at the airport for each year’s vacation has always been like the first. The excitement never fades; it’s even more intense every time.


nurse quickieSome things happen in the most unexpected place and most unexpected time. I was 19 years old that time when my mother got hospitalized because of pneumonia. I thought that my mother will be out from the hospital in a week time but her stay took longer than expected.

I had a boyfriend that time and he was 20, tall, well rounded guy. My BF and I swapped turns to look after my sick mother.

Since we were both in college and had different schedules, we rarely see each other as one directly goes to the hospital after break time while the other would have to go back to school.

As the days progressed we started missing each other, so my BF asked me to look for somebody to watch for my mother so we could have time to be together even for a day.

We had our first sex about two weeks back then and never had to chance to do it again since my mother got sick. I imagine what was my BF’s feeling and I’m pretty sure that he’s really longing for that. There was even one time that my BF aim his dick on my booty to show that he really missed “doing” it. We have been in the hospital for 3 weeks.. 3 weeks without cuddling, kissing nor sex.

One night my friend arrived at the hospital and my boyfriend quickly asked me to come with him. He pulled me inside the next room where no one was there and started kissing me. I saw my BF with a really horny look on his face and was ready to explode any time. I wanted to stop him but I have to be honest that I loved what he was doing. The next thing I noticed was my guy pulled my skirt down and we were both in the couch on the side of an empty patient’s bed. He started to put down my undies and screwed me like no tomorrow. I had mixed emotions because of the thoughts of excitement and anxiousness that any moment someone could enter the room and see what we are doing, but the act was too overwhelming that I can’t contain myself to stop him, the whole room was filled with moans from both of us. We finished making out within 5 minutes and I can say that it was one of the best. We were about to dress up when a nurse opened the door and was surprised to see us inside the room. But in luck, we were both dressed up and pretended that nothing ever happened, although both of us are covered with sweat and faces that looked like something nasty was just happened! Of course something did hehehe. So we just smiled at each other and hurriedly went to the rest room and clean ourselves.

The following morning the nurse looked at me and had a naughty look on her face, maybe she knew or maybe she doesn’t, but who cares, it was great and worth it!

We all know that when sexual urge comes it cannot choose the situation nor the location,  all you have to do is to be ready all the time.


Sex Toys – Philippines


The Big O

34282k4v6a6ut2c 300x204 The Big OThe intense sensation of pleasure, the sheer bliss and the tingling feeling…ORGASM.

Most women are having hard time reaching their peak during intercourse. In fact, according to statistics, 50% of women never orgasm with intercourse “alone” and one in six never orgasm at all.

No, it’s not that your partner is not working hard to satisfy you. It’s never his fault. It’s your anatomy. If your clitoris is too far from your vagina, no matter how hard your beau work on his tricks, you’ll never gonna get that euphoria. If the distance is more than 3cm, women will never experience orgasm with intercourse alone.

So, how do we solve this problem? Most women don’t. Why? Because they are too shy or even afraid to admit to their partner for they might offend him. The result? Most women fake their orgasm to please their dude, get his approval and boost his ego.

But the fake orgasm has to stop. How? By adding a personal touch to your sex life. It’s time to get that vibrator you’ve been staring at on your screen for who-knows how long. So go on. Discuss it with your partner, get real and honest with him. One key to a successful realtionship is an open communication and a great sex. What’s better than hearing him say your name when you both reach your climax? Now, cuddle up and touch with a help in hand.

Gift Ideas

bundled gifts 300x300 Gift IdeasTired of the old conventional gifts like clothes, bags, shoes, flowers or stuff toys?

Are you thinking deeply for a unique gift or something out of the box to suprise your special someone whether it’s a wedding, birthday or an anniversary?








Some list that may help you.

  • Travel & Leisure

Takes time and preparation and most importantly a lot of $$$$$$, in short this does not come cheap. But if you have the cash then this will truly be appreciated. Buy a ticket to a beach, somewhere remote, somewhere you can recharge and revitalize your soul, away from the busy and stressful environment of the city.

Buy a sex toy for your love one, not only you will catch him/her by surprise it will surely spice up or even save your relationship. For a lot of good reasons, it’s cheaper than getting a hooker, it’s cheaper than filing for an annulment,
it’s safer than a one night stand.

  • Cash

For the busy lazy dogs who doesn’t have the time buying gifts, let’s face it, we all live in a material world, it’s been around since the time of Greeks and Romans, and it makes the world go round. Don’t disappoint him/her with a dust collector gifts like a figurine or stuff toy. Give your someone a fat juicy Good Old Cash, not only will you save you time but energy as well

  • Tech / Gadgets

Cellphones, notebooks, laptops, Iphones. Everyone loves this, not only it’s trendy but it also marks your status and now a days these gadgets has become a part of everyone’s lives.  It’s a great gift and a lot of choices to choose from, even the cheapest to the most luxurious one.

  • Customized Gifts

If you know how to paint or draw, then give your her/him one of your masterpieces. If you know how to write a song then sing for him/her.  If you know arts then make a mosaic or something unique that you cannot buy in any stores.

They say it’s the thought that counts but in reality, what good a gift is if you already have it.


relationships, before, today

couples kissing 199x300 relationships, before, today Philippines has been a very conservative country, we are honed by our rich cultures and traditions that identifies as a Filipino and a Filipina. Everywhere we go we carry our values with us and that’s what keeps us apart and unique from any other human race in the world. And like any other species, we are driven to change, no matter how our values and traditions have been kept and passed on in many generations, time together with evolution these things will change whether you like it or not, it is inevitable.

I remember the good old days when there is no means of communication except via phone or via letter (non – electronic), days when telebabad and penpal were thriving, but gone were those days. Today, people or couples have every means of communication no one imagine 20 years ago, one can just text in their thoughts, call instantly using a cellphone, interact to all of their friends, using social network like Facebook or Tweeter. Have an instant video call using Skype, Yahoo or any other media applications, and these are not just done telegraphically, these are done in an instant. There are lot of good things technology has brought to us, and with good things there must be bad right? well I am not sure if it’s bad, but in a conservative way of thinking, I say it’s different.

Young Couples have become more and more interactive, no need to worry if your parents are watching you, no more asking of  “who are your talking to?”, because everyone now can just use a cellphone or laptop or whatever to communicate and have their own privacy.  For a modern guy like me, I say it is good, it helps people get to know each other in faster phase. Imagine marrying someone because the guy took 5 years of “panliligaw”, and decided to marry him even she doesn’t truly and deeply know the guy. And then the wife is all stuck up in marriage where she never wanted, because she doesn’t have the chance to get to know the person more.

A lot of changes happening lately specially in terms of relationship, and some questions will still haunt or affect
a guy or girl due to the fact that cultures and traditions still live inside of us. Will virginity remains a factor in choosing a girl of your dreams? Will a guy needs to be in a decent family background before your parents accept him to be your lawfully wedded husband? Will you love someone that has been already divorced to another person?  Will you marry a woman that has three kids? Is one night stand acceptable? Will sex toys in the Philippines become normal?

These questions may or may not be answered today, but surely change can drive cultures and traditions to evolve. And every single individual has to accept that no matter you don’t like the things that is happening and changing, you as a human will sooner or later will adapt to it, maybe not you, but surely your offspring.

Pleasure Shop Philippines

Kissing the girl down there

jupiter image2 200x300 Kissing the girl down thereTaken from a female thread, this is a must read. I don’t need to get down on details, I’ll just post here some lovely ladies
testimonials and experiences. Enjoy and happy reading.










Oh my goodness, eto ang yummiest! Big O talaga.

One of my favorites, lalo na pag magaling yung partner mo.

I was blessed to encounter more than a couple who really are masters (at least for my standards) when Cunnilingus is concerned. I totally came to a point wherein I wanted them to stop coz I can’t control the surge of pleasure that it’s totally driving me more than over the edge. The experiences I’ve had were totally crazy but super heavenly. I can say lagpas langit pa nga yata yung orgasm ko and multiple talaga.

My oh my!!! yeah, super BIG O!!

This act never, as in never, fails to give me big, multiple Os.

Feeling ko “talent” na ito ng husband ko LOL. ako na ang sumusuko.

I love when he do this to me nakakabaliw sa sarap.

Winner talaga.

Si hubby wala ng tanong tanong. GO na agad. Hahaha!

This is S-U-P-E-R! My bf did this to me on Valentines night, i never thought I’d moan like I did!

I let bf go down on me for the first time. and i loved it. was wondering nga if anong gagawin niya after he eats me, kung mag stop ba siya to gargle or what, i guess i’m lucky kasi sa tingin ko naman he loved it and super kiss parin siya sakin after. ako pa nga nahihiya kasi i feel super wet down there.

Talap talap! Husby’s addiction! haha!

Hay sobrang super the best sa akin ito, hahhaha grabe wet na wet ako kapag nasa ganyang stage na kami sarapp kaya kumain ni hubby. tapos ibubulong nya pa na ang sarap daw ng Ano ko.. nakkabaliw!

Ako nasasarapan din sobra sobra lalo na pag my bigote. Lol. Minsan di ko talaga pinapashave sya para Gosh, mas masarap.

There you have it, give your partner a nice one. – Pleasure Shop Philippines

Introducing a Sex toy to your Girlfriend or Wife

sex lady 225x300 Introducing a Sex toy to your Girlfriend or Wife

The really first thing that comes into one’s mind in introducing a sex toy is “how the heck will I do that?”

If your girlfriend or wife is conservative or haven’t crossed her mind about using a sex toy during your love making then this guide will help you.

First, like any other introduction you must tell her details about sex toys and what benefits will it bring to your relationship. It’s like introducing yourself on the first day of school, telling your classmates about where your live, your name, your hobbies etc..

Here is an example.

“Do you know something about vibrators? I’ve heard that rabbit vibrators are the best vibrators out there.”

She might answer “Why?” or “Really?”

You’ll say, “Because it has multiple sensation, it can penetrate you while the rabbit thinggy tickles your clit”, and from there you can say. “You wanna try it?”

You can think of many other introductions that may please your partner, it will really depend on how you deliver it.

  • Second, Surprise her, make her submit, do the deed and let the pleasure comes.

Tell your partner that you have a surprise for her, tell her that you will give something tonight that she will truly loves. Then at that night, caress her , do some foreplay, make her feel good until she becomes submissive, submissive enough that all you do and offer her, she will never say no. Then get your sex toy and show it to her. There are chances that she will be surprised and reject it right away, the key is submissiveness, if you’ve done what I asked you to do then she will just sit back and enjoy.

  • Third, is just telling her that you want it so bad.

Tell her that you will truly love if she uses a sex toy in front of you, or if you use a sex toy on her. Say to her that you want it so bad that you dream of it. In this way, your partner, if she loves you and wants to please you the same way you want to please her, then there’s no need for you to follow step 1 and 2, your partner will just oblige herself and let you have what you want.

So good luck and have happy erotic night. – Pleasure Shop Philippines

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