On Frigidity..

image 263 On Frigidity..The term frigidity is defined as the inability of a woman to attain orgasm during intercourse or can be referred to a female sexual arousal disorder. This can also be related to lack or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. To have a better understanding of the definition it is the counter part of impotence which is being experienced by male individuals.

This may not be known to many of us but there is a very high percentage of women having this kind of dilemma.  Some research books say that there are 2 kinds of frigidity; the first one is the total lack of sexual desire while the other one still has sexual desire but lacks desire for current partner.  These situations can be acquired through time or lifelong, which means that person has no sexual desire since birth.  In some cultures low sexual desire especially for women may be normal and on the contrary having high desire is a problem for them. This means that the concept whether the sexual desire is in a “normal” level depends on the culture and values of an individual.

Before females are plainly home makers, her main task is to nurse and train the children as well as prepare the clothing and food for the family and all other household chores which for some are very demeaning and more often they are being subjected to abuse because of financial dependency to their male partners. Sometimes this obstructs their sexual responses and psychological development.  Modern females are no longer just wives and mothers they contribute primarily on the finances which supports the whole family. They have now their careers and they are empowered to do everything because of their financial and economic stability.

There are actually a lot of factors affecting the sexual desire of a women, it can be a medical or health condition, psychiatric problem, environment or even her present relationship with her partner (having other woman or even financial stress) which prevent them from reacting to their intimate moments.  There are also females who take medicines which can affect their sexual arousal; example is taking birth control pills.  Sometimes if you feel being degraded because of unusual things present inside your bedroom like using sex toys or hand cuffs (for role play) you tend to respond negatively to your partner’s sexual actions.  For some having a bad experience in terms of intercourse, maybe its not pleasing or plainly the act is not satisfying that’s why they do not feel being aroused?

In our society, we recognize that sexual incompatibility is a problem and it is considered as a stress for the couple, more often it can lead to misunderstanding. But how does a male partner reacts to frigidity?  Some may also lack interest in having sexual intercourse as the female partner is not responding to his actions.  For some, they may care a little because more than anything they value the relationship and the companionship they spent through the years.

Masturbation..A Good or A Bad Habit?

mast1  Masturbation..A Good or A Bad Habit?Masturbation is defined by  many as a sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals, usually  to  the point of having orgasm. This means that you do need  a  partner  to  be  able  to  do this, you may ask for help from your friendly  vibrators  and sex toys or just simply use your hands or fingers. You may touch or rub your genitals and breasts (for female) to achieve your desired  sexual enjoyment.  Masturbation in the simplest word is having sex with yourself.

Studies found that masturbation is normal in both genders and applicable in  all ages. Some  surveys say that men actually masturbate more frequent compared to women.  For some, the younger ones masturbate a lot compared to the  older  ones  maybe because of curiosity. In reality, the normal times that  a  person masturbate is actually from several times per day to a week until  a  month  of  not  masturbating  at  all. There  are actually a lot variations  that  you  can do while masturbating.  Some prefer to videotape themselves while doing the act, others would love to have audience to watch them in action while the rest is comfortable masturbating in front of their partners.  Actually  for  the  others  they  feel embarrassed when doing it especially if being seen by someone.

Information from Health Survey shows that there is a great percentage of among  men  and  women  who  actually engaged in “sex in one’s self”. Some people  think that only people without partners are the ones doing the act, what  they don’t know is that most people with regular partners continue to masturbate. For  some, those who masturbate must be experiencing sexually deprivation  but its actually not. Many say that masturbating is related to having  mental  or sexual disorder.  Is masturbating really bad or good for an individual?

Here are some of the benefits of masturbating:

  • having safe sex
  • will not lead to unplanned pregnancy
  • treatment for sexual dysfunction
  • releases sexual tension
  • relaxes your muscles
  •  helps you fall asleep
  • reduces stress
  • enhances self-esteem

The one listed above are the benefits of masturbating in general it is a healthy way of sexual enjoyment. It is also important that you should familiarize your self with your own sexual responses so that you will know how to explain to your partner your needs and wants and it will eventually lead to a satisfying sexual encounters. Understanding what “turns on” the person is actually a great advantage to build the individual’s confidence and make the person feel content.

Here are the list of disadvantages:

  • Damage intelligence
  • Damage eye sight
  • Damage the organ
  • Feel tired and mentally disturb

In general there are a lot of benefits compared to its unsupported disadvantages.  Does this mean that we encourage everybody to do masturbation? Doing that is actually the person’s own preference based on his or her beliefs. If the person feels that it will be beneficial for him or her better do it but for the others who are a bit conservative and concern of what other people might think, they also have the option of not doing it.

the clean way

sexy young girl1 the clean wayJust previously on the last article, I somehow insisted that dildo and toothbrush can be similar in a way that they are both for personal and should be owned.

I have been thinking the past few days I actually meant they are alike- because for some I know that they would find this idea stupid, even non-sense, worse meaningless to those who are not comfortable discussing things like SEX.

But I definitely write because I want to share my thoughts and I want to diffuse what’s inside my mind to the rest of the world.  Writing is ART and writing means you have deep sense of understanding of everything around you.

If we know something, then we should share it.  It is our responsibility to do so.  Let us not wait for that stupid reaction when we would hear in the news that a woman was brought to the hospital for doing it with a dog, or a gay with his bottom slashed and underwent a major operation because a banana got stuck inside his butt just to satisfy his midnight sexual urges.

Before, just like everyone else, I would find talking about sex toys taboo and abnormal.  Although I was not brought up conservative by my parents, it is the society that dictates it.

My only point is – it is much safer to use dildo because it is personal like a toothbrush.  Whenever and wherever you think about getting laid and having the feeling of bursting fireworks, this handyman is ready to serve you in the most pleasurable way.

Inside a car when a horny gets hornier, she may just end up parked in a secluded place with high bushes to cover the deed.  If a gay wants to play doggie style, re-inventing a new position, he may practice with a dildo without worrying about being rushed to the hospital with face covered because of shameful act.  Even couples who desire to take the extraordinary adventures may accessorize the smashing with glow-in-dark little ones.

I also heard that gays have underground parties and they call it “Party and Play”.  On these lustful events, participating in an orgy is as normal as casual.  With Mr. Handyman, in between, they can have the luxury of a relaxed sex party without that after-party nightmare.

Like a toothbrush, the dildo is handy.  You may pouched it and carry it in your small purse.  Like a toothbrush, you can use it anytime you need one.  Like a toothbrush, it comes in different colors and shapes.  Like a toothbrush, you may want to choose the one vibrating to help you make the clean easier.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes hygiene.  Like a toothbrush, it is very personal you can even do it in a public wash are.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes good health and prevents communicable diseases.


The Big O

34282k4v6a6ut2c 300x204 The Big OThe intense sensation of pleasure, the sheer bliss and the tingling feeling…ORGASM.

Most women are having hard time reaching their peak during intercourse. In fact, according to statistics, 50% of women never orgasm with intercourse “alone” and one in six never orgasm at all.

No, it’s not that your partner is not working hard to satisfy you. It’s never his fault. It’s your anatomy. If your clitoris is too far from your vagina, no matter how hard your beau work on his tricks, you’ll never gonna get that euphoria. If the distance is more than 3cm, women will never experience orgasm with intercourse alone.

So, how do we solve this problem? Most women don’t. Why? Because they are too shy or even afraid to admit to their partner for they might offend him. The result? Most women fake their orgasm to please their dude, get his approval and boost his ego.

But the fake orgasm has to stop. How? By adding a personal touch to your sex life. It’s time to get that vibrator you’ve been staring at on your screen for who-knows how long. So go on. Discuss it with your partner, get real and honest with him. One key to a successful realtionship is an open communication and a great sex. What’s better than hearing him say your name when you both reach your climax? Now, cuddle up and touch with a help in hand.

Lubricate your engine for a pleasurable ride

intimate couple 199x300 Lubricate your engine for a pleasurable ride There are things that you need to discover in life. One of the most challenging parts of being in a relationship is how to keep your sexual relationship alive and burning. They always say that for you to become a good partner you have to play the role of a wife, a friend, a mother, a lover and most importantly a satisfying sexual partner, but how are you going to do these things? Today, there a lots of adult magazines and porn sites which you can use as good references to put your sexual intimacy into another level. There are also things which you can use to heat up the couples’ bedroom such as sexual enhancers like adult toys, vibrators and great selection of sexual lubricants.

Lady’s personal favorites are the sexy lubricants with different flavors and scents which will definitely add excitement and thrill to your normal sexual activity. What’s cool about lubes? It has great selection of flavors from tropical fruits, dessert flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint and even plain one. These lubes will have lots of benefits such as enhance your intimacy, intensify the sensation and these magic liquids are capable of changing your feeling from the inside.

Lubricants are not only use for pleasure purposes but can also help reduce friction during intercourse and masturbation. There are also different types of the liquid substance which include water-based, oil-based and anal lubes. Another good thing about using lubes is that it can prolong foreplay and improve sexual practices.

Almost everyone is interested to hear things which are beyond the usual. Check on new things and explore the possibilities. A little experiment in one of your romantic nights won’t hurt. A little dose of lubes, passion and love and you will surely have a great bedroom experience. Do remember that the idea of keeping the sexual spark alive in a marriage or in a relationship is easier said than done. Try things which you never tried before. Increase the pleasure and have fun. Pick the one which will make your drive smooth and will give you a pleasurable ride.  – Pleasure Shop Philippines

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