Different Types Of Personal Lubricant


astroglide Different Types Of Personal LubricantThere are various types of sexual personal lubricant that is why women become confused whenever they need one for themselves. Through giving consideration to your goal as well as your preference, you can easily know which lubricant is best for you. Different types of personal lubricant are flavoured lubricant, warm and tingle lubricant, moisturizing lubricant, water-based lubricant, desensitizing lubricant, silicone lubricant, and oil-based lubricant. Get to know more about these personal lubricants.

1. Flavored lubricants are those oils that have natural taste. Couples prefer this because of the taste that they can get during oral pleasures. It is also a lubricant that a person can use for a start of making oral play more enjoyable. It is safe to digest because it is made from inert and digestible substances that do not react on the body and even in the digestive tract.

2. Warm and tingle lubricants arouses the body as it circulates the blood more quickly. The warm feeling is the reason why the body respond to being sexually aroused. Some use this type of lubricant to become sexually stimulated. This personal lubricant is made from natural herbs and vitamins that produce tingling sensations to arouse individuals for better intercourse.

3. The desensitizing lubricants are effective when used for ejaculation bringing orgasms more quickly. This is mostly used by men to enhance their skill of resisting orgasms quickly.
4. Moisturizing personal lubricants helps individual to heal irritated skin brought by rashes and razor burns.
5. Silicone is safe and can resist infections brought by bacteria. It gives a slippery feeling for the couples. The only problem with this is that it is very hard to clean and wash.
6. Water-based oil is the most popular personal lubricant in the market today because it is safe, and easy to clean. The only problem that couples encounter with such lubricant is its being sticky after it is being used.
7. A petroleum lubricant is not a good personal lubricant because it is not safe for the body especially on the anus and vagina because it can bring bacterial infections that may threaten the women’s private parts. It can also destroy condoms that you use for protection.


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Lubricate your engine for a pleasurable ride

intimate couple 199x300 Lubricate your engine for a pleasurable ride There are things that you need to discover in life. One of the most challenging parts of being in a relationship is how to keep your sexual relationship alive and burning. They always say that for you to become a good partner you have to play the role of a wife, a friend, a mother, a lover and most importantly a satisfying sexual partner, but how are you going to do these things? Today, there a lots of adult magazines and porn sites which you can use as good references to put your sexual intimacy into another level. There are also things which you can use to heat up the couples’ bedroom such as sexual enhancers like adult toys, vibrators and great selection of sexual lubricants.

Lady’s personal favorites are the sexy lubricants with different flavors and scents which will definitely add excitement and thrill to your normal sexual activity. What’s cool about lubes? It has great selection of flavors from tropical fruits, dessert flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint and even plain one. These lubes will have lots of benefits such as enhance your intimacy, intensify the sensation and these magic liquids are capable of changing your feeling from the inside.

Lubricants are not only use for pleasure purposes but can also help reduce friction during intercourse and masturbation. There are also different types of the liquid substance which include water-based, oil-based and anal lubes. Another good thing about using lubes is that it can prolong foreplay and improve sexual practices.

Almost everyone is interested to hear things which are beyond the usual. Check on new things and explore the possibilities. A little experiment in one of your romantic nights won’t hurt. A little dose of lubes, passion and love and you will surely have a great bedroom experience. Do remember that the idea of keeping the sexual spark alive in a marriage or in a relationship is easier said than done. Try things which you never tried before. Increase the pleasure and have fun. Pick the one which will make your drive smooth and will give you a pleasurable ride.  – Pleasure Shop Philippines

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