Size Matters

size matter4 Size Matters

We are already in a world where super sized meals, toys, cars, jobs or just about every thing else matter. It would be inevitable to think and about whether bigger is actually better for everything.  When it comes to satisfying your partner, do men really think that having that big sized penis really matter? Is it really the size that matters?

Different studies reveal that the size of the sexual organ is one of the concerns of most men today.  Whether you are straight or gay, you would like to increase the length, thickness and even change the look of its girth.  Based  on researches,  majority who are concerned about their organ size  and  sexual  desires  are  men  in their late 20′s and early 30′s and surprisingly,  even men older than 60′s. Some female cannot understand this obsession  about  the  penile  enlargement but vast majority of men thought that  having  more  than  enough  will  make  them a better lover and great performer in bed because we have this connotation that “more is better”.
The size of a male organ differs between men from different races and origin. Some taught that their penis is short but it’s actually not it’s just normal based on their height and weight.  A normal size of a penis is at least 4 cm and 7.5 cm long when erect but still depends on a man’s height and BMI.  Sometimes the organ shortens due to some conditions like weight gain and increase of fat in the pubic area. Men should be conscious on their diet because obesity can lead them to a serious sexual problem like erectile dysfunction and other concerns related to reproduction.

There are also few cases of inborn defects that cause the shortening of the penis, these situations requires surgical operations.  Some even consider having surgery to be able to lengthen their penis but most of them prefer the non surgical methods.  They use herbal preparation and even do regular exercise for penis enlargement.

They believe that the process of exercising penis for about 6 hours a day can actually contribute to the increase.  Some do it by pulling the penis to extend its tissue and it will lead to a satisfying result.  They need to stretch the penis with their hands but you need do it properly otherwise it will result to bruising and damaging of its nerves.

The use of penis pump is also popular and found to be effective when use over the span of 6 months.  Cock Rings can be used to fit around the organ and help augment size and maintain erections. Many companies also offers the  use  of  different  creams, gels and pills to maintain erection during sexual intercourse but these are just temporary remedies.

The growth of the penis is based on genes, hormones and environmental factors.   Many men who are not given a bigger penis, dream of having one. For  those  who would really like to increase their own, it will be best to consult  an  expert who can help you evaluate and find best ways to improve the size of your sexual organ.

Using Sex Toys to Create a Better Relationship

lovers Using Sex Toys to Create a Better RelationshipFor some couples, sex is one of the most important aspects in any relationship. There is always the need for both parties to satisfy the other. But what if on several occasions, you’re unable to satisfy your partner? Or what if it’s the other way around? Being able to support your partner till the very end is very important in sex and vice versa. If you are having problems doing this, then it is advisable that you get help from sex toys.

Sex toys provide couples with a way to fulfill different desires. You can get these toys in different designs, shapes and even colors. There are several types of toys; some are designed for men, some are designed for women and some are designed for both sexes.

If you want to satisfy your man, you can get sex toys such as cock ring, masturbators and vibrators which can make your man throb and hard all through the day. After having intercourse, you can be sure that his orgasm will be so great to a point where he’d almost faint.

Now, if you would like your woman to be satisfied, or if you want her to be ready to play with you or if you want her to be ready for every type of manner you can think of, sex toys will be a great way to achieve all of these.

If you’re aiming her to willingly agree with, say, anal sex, you may try using butt plugs. You may use lubes to help her feel at ease to this sex toy. If you want her to get used to anal sex, you may also introduce anal beads. This type of sex toys can be used all throughout the day; this will help make her get used to having this toy inside her ass.  You may also introduce vibrating dildos, which are truly magnificent inventions.

No matter what type of sex toys you are opting to use, it will surely help you maintain healthy and happy sexual relationship with your partner. Just make sure to know more about these toys before actually using them.

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