Physical Sex Toys Store or Online Sex Toys Store

pink paper bag Physical Sex Toys Store or Online Sex Toys Store
With the passage of time, more and more people/couples are realizing the advantages of using sex toys to add spice into their sexual relationships. Many people are also accepting the fact that there’s nothing bad about these toys as well. Businessmen are also permitted to put up sex toys shops. Because of this, you can now purchase these items almost anywhere.

The question now is; which place is more ideal to purchase sex toys, in a store or at an online sex toys shop? Now, here’s a comparison:

Buying at a Sex Toys Shop

One of the best things about offline shopping is that you can get the item as soon as you pay for it. It is also easier to return an item if ever it’s damaged or it is defective.

Most offline stores are also offering discounted prices or at least reasonable prices for these toys.

Sex toys stores also offer a wide variety of items you can purchase. You can find toys for men, for women or for both sexes. But usually, their supplies are limited.

Buying at an Online Sex Toys Shop

Compared to stores, online sex toys shops have unlimited numbers of items that you can choose from. By searching for these toys online, you can be sure to you’ll find one that is the most suitable for you and your partner.

Online shopping also provides people with privacy. Even if there are many people who are liberated when it comes to sex toys, there are still some who are willing to use them but are still embarrassed to be seen buying them. By going to an online sex toys shop, you’ll be able to get a hold of a sex toy discretely.

By using the internet, you can also find the least possible prices for the item that you want. Many sex toys shops offer cheap prices, as well as, discounts for their products. You can also purchase these tools directly from the manufacturer.

the clean way

sexy young girl1 the clean wayJust previously on the last article, I somehow insisted that dildo and toothbrush can be similar in a way that they are both for personal and should be owned.

I have been thinking the past few days I actually meant they are alike- because for some I know that they would find this idea stupid, even non-sense, worse meaningless to those who are not comfortable discussing things like SEX.

But I definitely write because I want to share my thoughts and I want to diffuse what’s inside my mind to the rest of the world.  Writing is ART and writing means you have deep sense of understanding of everything around you.

If we know something, then we should share it.  It is our responsibility to do so.  Let us not wait for that stupid reaction when we would hear in the news that a woman was brought to the hospital for doing it with a dog, or a gay with his bottom slashed and underwent a major operation because a banana got stuck inside his butt just to satisfy his midnight sexual urges.

Before, just like everyone else, I would find talking about sex toys taboo and abnormal.  Although I was not brought up conservative by my parents, it is the society that dictates it.

My only point is – it is much safer to use dildo because it is personal like a toothbrush.  Whenever and wherever you think about getting laid and having the feeling of bursting fireworks, this handyman is ready to serve you in the most pleasurable way.

Inside a car when a horny gets hornier, she may just end up parked in a secluded place with high bushes to cover the deed.  If a gay wants to play doggie style, re-inventing a new position, he may practice with a dildo without worrying about being rushed to the hospital with face covered because of shameful act.  Even couples who desire to take the extraordinary adventures may accessorize the smashing with glow-in-dark little ones.

I also heard that gays have underground parties and they call it “Party and Play”.  On these lustful events, participating in an orgy is as normal as casual.  With Mr. Handyman, in between, they can have the luxury of a relaxed sex party without that after-party nightmare.

Like a toothbrush, the dildo is handy.  You may pouched it and carry it in your small purse.  Like a toothbrush, you can use it anytime you need one.  Like a toothbrush, it comes in different colors and shapes.  Like a toothbrush, you may want to choose the one vibrating to help you make the clean easier.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes hygiene.  Like a toothbrush, it is very personal you can even do it in a public wash are.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes good health and prevents communicable diseases.


Lubricate your engine for a pleasurable ride

intimate couple 199x300 Lubricate your engine for a pleasurable ride There are things that you need to discover in life. One of the most challenging parts of being in a relationship is how to keep your sexual relationship alive and burning. They always say that for you to become a good partner you have to play the role of a wife, a friend, a mother, a lover and most importantly a satisfying sexual partner, but how are you going to do these things? Today, there a lots of adult magazines and porn sites which you can use as good references to put your sexual intimacy into another level. There are also things which you can use to heat up the couples’ bedroom such as sexual enhancers like adult toys, vibrators and great selection of sexual lubricants.

Lady’s personal favorites are the sexy lubricants with different flavors and scents which will definitely add excitement and thrill to your normal sexual activity. What’s cool about lubes? It has great selection of flavors from tropical fruits, dessert flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint and even plain one. These lubes will have lots of benefits such as enhance your intimacy, intensify the sensation and these magic liquids are capable of changing your feeling from the inside.

Lubricants are not only use for pleasure purposes but can also help reduce friction during intercourse and masturbation. There are also different types of the liquid substance which include water-based, oil-based and anal lubes. Another good thing about using lubes is that it can prolong foreplay and improve sexual practices.

Almost everyone is interested to hear things which are beyond the usual. Check on new things and explore the possibilities. A little experiment in one of your romantic nights won’t hurt. A little dose of lubes, passion and love and you will surely have a great bedroom experience. Do remember that the idea of keeping the sexual spark alive in a marriage or in a relationship is easier said than done. Try things which you never tried before. Increase the pleasure and have fun. Pick the one which will make your drive smooth and will give you a pleasurable ride.  – Pleasure Shop Philippines

Kissing the girl down there

jupiter image2 200x300 Kissing the girl down thereTaken from a female thread, this is a must read. I don’t need to get down on details, I’ll just post here some lovely ladies
testimonials and experiences. Enjoy and happy reading.










Oh my goodness, eto ang yummiest! Big O talaga.

One of my favorites, lalo na pag magaling yung partner mo.

I was blessed to encounter more than a couple who really are masters (at least for my standards) when Cunnilingus is concerned. I totally came to a point wherein I wanted them to stop coz I can’t control the surge of pleasure that it’s totally driving me more than over the edge. The experiences I’ve had were totally crazy but super heavenly. I can say lagpas langit pa nga yata yung orgasm ko and multiple talaga.

My oh my!!! yeah, super BIG O!!

This act never, as in never, fails to give me big, multiple Os.

Feeling ko “talent” na ito ng husband ko LOL. ako na ang sumusuko.

I love when he do this to me nakakabaliw sa sarap.

Winner talaga.

Si hubby wala ng tanong tanong. GO na agad. Hahaha!

This is S-U-P-E-R! My bf did this to me on Valentines night, i never thought I’d moan like I did!

I let bf go down on me for the first time. and i loved it. was wondering nga if anong gagawin niya after he eats me, kung mag stop ba siya to gargle or what, i guess i’m lucky kasi sa tingin ko naman he loved it and super kiss parin siya sakin after. ako pa nga nahihiya kasi i feel super wet down there.

Talap talap! Husby’s addiction! haha!

Hay sobrang super the best sa akin ito, hahhaha grabe wet na wet ako kapag nasa ganyang stage na kami sarapp kaya kumain ni hubby. tapos ibubulong nya pa na ang sarap daw ng Ano ko.. nakkabaliw!

Ako nasasarapan din sobra sobra lalo na pag my bigote. Lol. Minsan di ko talaga pinapashave sya para Gosh, mas masarap.

There you have it, give your partner a nice one. – Pleasure Shop Philippines

Finding the right Sex Toy

Nowadays we are living in an age where everything is present, many things are being offered and we have a lot of choices to make. One example is choosing the right adult toy to enhance your sexual pleasure and intimacy.

sexy lady two piece1 300x200 Finding the right Sex ToyWhenever you go online or visit an adult store you will find sex toys in different sizes, colors, forms and shapes, but the question is which among these options will give you the right satisfaction you need?

Young girls would love to have vibrators with striking colors such as purple, pink and neon green because these swatches signify youth and seduction. It will help them ascertain their personality.

The “He” users prefer dildos which are pointed in shape and vibrators in huge sizes. For them these are the sex toys which will give them the best satisfaction they are looking for.

The “Yuppies” or young professionals would like to experience some adventure that’s the reason why they would go for unique adult toys like egg vibrators, bullets and rabbit kinds. Their choices will definitely excite and tickle their senses.

While some couples will look for those classic type of vibrators which will elevate their love making into another level. Sex toys which will help them determine other options.

People have different preferences but what’s important is to know what sex toy is right for you.  The one which can enhance your relationship, give excitement to your marriage and build your own individuality. What are you waiting for?… Check out and discover the sex toy that will best suit you. – Pleasure Shop Philippines

Introducing a Sex toy to your Girlfriend or Wife

sex lady 225x300 Introducing a Sex toy to your Girlfriend or Wife

The really first thing that comes into one’s mind in introducing a sex toy is “how the heck will I do that?”

If your girlfriend or wife is conservative or haven’t crossed her mind about using a sex toy during your love making then this guide will help you.

First, like any other introduction you must tell her details about sex toys and what benefits will it bring to your relationship. It’s like introducing yourself on the first day of school, telling your classmates about where your live, your name, your hobbies etc..

Here is an example.

“Do you know something about vibrators? I’ve heard that rabbit vibrators are the best vibrators out there.”

She might answer “Why?” or “Really?”

You’ll say, “Because it has multiple sensation, it can penetrate you while the rabbit thinggy tickles your clit”, and from there you can say. “You wanna try it?”

You can think of many other introductions that may please your partner, it will really depend on how you deliver it.

  • Second, Surprise her, make her submit, do the deed and let the pleasure comes.

Tell your partner that you have a surprise for her, tell her that you will give something tonight that she will truly loves. Then at that night, caress her , do some foreplay, make her feel good until she becomes submissive, submissive enough that all you do and offer her, she will never say no. Then get your sex toy and show it to her. There are chances that she will be surprised and reject it right away, the key is submissiveness, if you’ve done what I asked you to do then she will just sit back and enjoy.

  • Third, is just telling her that you want it so bad.

Tell her that you will truly love if she uses a sex toy in front of you, or if you use a sex toy on her. Say to her that you want it so bad that you dream of it. In this way, your partner, if she loves you and wants to please you the same way you want to please her, then there’s no need for you to follow step 1 and 2, your partner will just oblige herself and let you have what you want.

So good luck and have happy erotic night. – Pleasure Shop Philippines

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