Using Sex Toys to Create a Better Relationship

lovers Using Sex Toys to Create a Better RelationshipFor some couples, sex is one of the most important aspects in any relationship. There is always the need for both parties to satisfy the other. But what if on several occasions, you’re unable to satisfy your partner? Or what if it’s the other way around? Being able to support your partner till the very end is very important in sex and vice versa. If you are having problems doing this, then it is advisable that you get help from sex toys.

Sex toys provide couples with a way to fulfill different desires. You can get these toys in different designs, shapes and even colors. There are several types of toys; some are designed for men, some are designed for women and some are designed for both sexes.

If you want to satisfy your man, you can get sex toys such as cock ring, masturbators and vibrators which can make your man throb and hard all through the day. After having intercourse, you can be sure that his orgasm will be so great to a point where he’d almost faint.

Now, if you would like your woman to be satisfied, or if you want her to be ready to play with you or if you want her to be ready for every type of manner you can think of, sex toys will be a great way to achieve all of these.

If you’re aiming her to willingly agree with, say, anal sex, you may try using butt plugs. You may use lubes to help her feel at ease to this sex toy. If you want her to get used to anal sex, you may also introduce anal beads. This type of sex toys can be used all throughout the day; this will help make her get used to having this toy inside her ass.  You may also introduce vibrating dildos, which are truly magnificent inventions.

No matter what type of sex toys you are opting to use, it will surely help you maintain healthy and happy sexual relationship with your partner. Just make sure to know more about these toys before actually using them.

the clean way

sexy young girl1 the clean wayJust previously on the last article, I somehow insisted that dildo and toothbrush can be similar in a way that they are both for personal and should be owned.

I have been thinking the past few days I actually meant they are alike- because for some I know that they would find this idea stupid, even non-sense, worse meaningless to those who are not comfortable discussing things like SEX.

But I definitely write because I want to share my thoughts and I want to diffuse what’s inside my mind to the rest of the world.  Writing is ART and writing means you have deep sense of understanding of everything around you.

If we know something, then we should share it.  It is our responsibility to do so.  Let us not wait for that stupid reaction when we would hear in the news that a woman was brought to the hospital for doing it with a dog, or a gay with his bottom slashed and underwent a major operation because a banana got stuck inside his butt just to satisfy his midnight sexual urges.

Before, just like everyone else, I would find talking about sex toys taboo and abnormal.  Although I was not brought up conservative by my parents, it is the society that dictates it.

My only point is – it is much safer to use dildo because it is personal like a toothbrush.  Whenever and wherever you think about getting laid and having the feeling of bursting fireworks, this handyman is ready to serve you in the most pleasurable way.

Inside a car when a horny gets hornier, she may just end up parked in a secluded place with high bushes to cover the deed.  If a gay wants to play doggie style, re-inventing a new position, he may practice with a dildo without worrying about being rushed to the hospital with face covered because of shameful act.  Even couples who desire to take the extraordinary adventures may accessorize the smashing with glow-in-dark little ones.

I also heard that gays have underground parties and they call it “Party and Play”.  On these lustful events, participating in an orgy is as normal as casual.  With Mr. Handyman, in between, they can have the luxury of a relaxed sex party without that after-party nightmare.

Like a toothbrush, the dildo is handy.  You may pouched it and carry it in your small purse.  Like a toothbrush, you can use it anytime you need one.  Like a toothbrush, it comes in different colors and shapes.  Like a toothbrush, you may want to choose the one vibrating to help you make the clean easier.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes hygiene.  Like a toothbrush, it is very personal you can even do it in a public wash are.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes good health and prevents communicable diseases.


Adult Toys

young teens jumping Adult Toys

The new breed of generation has a lot to look forward to for they now have the most modern and easiest access to technology.  As the population of the world grows, the faster the culture evolves… the more liberal the young age becomes. But this is not the real point I am heading to, I want to concentrate on culture and that culture is SEX.

I am quite curious and adventurous when it comes to this topic, it is no longer an adult thing- it is not becoming part even of our most casual conversations.  Even the conventionalist of all words and how we create our languages games, sex has thrown a big part of our expressions.

What makes we want to discuss about this is how I think it is now “accessible” to teens.  Condoms at every convenient store during every stop-over to gas up can be bought OTC (over-the-counter).  Contraceptive pills are no longer distributed through the nearest health clinics but are already available even without consulting a physician, even without prescriptions.  Sex Banners and advertisements, they sway with advocacy plate attached in posts, public places and sometimes billboards.  Sex toys in Manila like bargains spread through the streets of Quiapo, Baclaran and all odd places you would want to find them. You can buy sex toys online without the embarrassment of coming in a physical store.

But what can we do when prevention is already nearing out of reach? Educate the young ones, immerse and raise consciousness.  This way, the prevention is not done by stopping but by healing it.

For me, since I still belong to the your bracket, preventing sexually transmitted disease like HIV is not through isolating sex and make it stay out of the your one’s consciousness.  Teaching them how to practice safe sex does the prevention.  And having this new set of your people doesn’t only mean them teaching them in classroom.  Letting them explores like how to lubricate, or how to manipulate sex gadgets is actually a means of letting know that old guys understand them. This will help them become aware that these things are available in the market conveniently and may not require a partner to satisfy their urge.  This is one way of being hygienic.  Like a toothbrush, a dildo is a personal toiletry!

Gift Ideas

bundled gifts 300x300 Gift IdeasTired of the old conventional gifts like clothes, bags, shoes, flowers or stuff toys?

Are you thinking deeply for a unique gift or something out of the box to suprise your special someone whether it’s a wedding, birthday or an anniversary?








Some list that may help you.

  • Travel & Leisure

Takes time and preparation and most importantly a lot of $$$$$$, in short this does not come cheap. But if you have the cash then this will truly be appreciated. Buy a ticket to a beach, somewhere remote, somewhere you can recharge and revitalize your soul, away from the busy and stressful environment of the city.

Buy a sex toy for your love one, not only you will catch him/her by surprise it will surely spice up or even save your relationship. For a lot of good reasons, it’s cheaper than getting a hooker, it’s cheaper than filing for an annulment,
it’s safer than a one night stand.

  • Cash

For the busy lazy dogs who doesn’t have the time buying gifts, let’s face it, we all live in a material world, it’s been around since the time of Greeks and Romans, and it makes the world go round. Don’t disappoint him/her with a dust collector gifts like a figurine or stuff toy. Give your someone a fat juicy Good Old Cash, not only will you save you time but energy as well

  • Tech / Gadgets

Cellphones, notebooks, laptops, Iphones. Everyone loves this, not only it’s trendy but it also marks your status and now a days these gadgets has become a part of everyone’s lives.  It’s a great gift and a lot of choices to choose from, even the cheapest to the most luxurious one.

  • Customized Gifts

If you know how to paint or draw, then give your her/him one of your masterpieces. If you know how to write a song then sing for him/her.  If you know arts then make a mosaic or something unique that you cannot buy in any stores.

They say it’s the thought that counts but in reality, what good a gift is if you already have it.


Finding the right Sex Toy

Nowadays we are living in an age where everything is present, many things are being offered and we have a lot of choices to make. One example is choosing the right adult toy to enhance your sexual pleasure and intimacy.

sexy lady two piece1 300x200 Finding the right Sex ToyWhenever you go online or visit an adult store you will find sex toys in different sizes, colors, forms and shapes, but the question is which among these options will give you the right satisfaction you need?

Young girls would love to have vibrators with striking colors such as purple, pink and neon green because these swatches signify youth and seduction. It will help them ascertain their personality.

The “He” users prefer dildos which are pointed in shape and vibrators in huge sizes. For them these are the sex toys which will give them the best satisfaction they are looking for.

The “Yuppies” or young professionals would like to experience some adventure that’s the reason why they would go for unique adult toys like egg vibrators, bullets and rabbit kinds. Their choices will definitely excite and tickle their senses.

While some couples will look for those classic type of vibrators which will elevate their love making into another level. Sex toys which will help them determine other options.

People have different preferences but what’s important is to know what sex toy is right for you.  The one which can enhance your relationship, give excitement to your marriage and build your own individuality. What are you waiting for?… Check out and discover the sex toy that will best suit you. – Pleasure Shop Philippines

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