Adult Toys

adult toys

The new breed of generation has a lot to look forward to for they now have the most modern and easiest access to technology.  As the population of the world grows, the faster the culture evolves… the more liberal the young age becomes. But this is not the real point I am heading to, I want to concentrate on culture and that culture is SEX.

I am quite curious and adventurous when it comes to this topic, it is no longer an adult thing- it is not becoming part even of our most casual conversations.  Even the conventionalist of all words and how we create our languages games, sex has thrown a big part of our expressions.

What makes we want to discuss about this is how I think it is now “accessible” to teens.  Condoms at every convenient store during every stop-over to gas up can be bought OTC (over-the-counter).  Contraceptive pills are no longer distributed through the nearest health clinics but are already available even without consulting a physician, even without prescriptions.  Sex Banners and advertisements, they sway with advocacy plate attached in posts, public places and sometimes billboards.  Sex toys in Manila like bargains spread through the streets of Quiapo, Baclaran and all odd places you would want to find them. You can buy sex toys online without the embarrassment of coming in a physical store.

But what can we do when prevention is already nearing out of reach? Educate the young ones, immerse and raise consciousness.  This way, the prevention is not done by stopping but by healing it.

For me, since I still belong to the your bracket, preventing sexually transmitted disease like HIV is not through isolating sex and make it stay out of the your one’s consciousness.  Teaching them how to practice safe sex does the prevention.  And having this new set of your people doesn’t only mean them teaching them in classroom.  Letting them explores like how to lubricate, or how to manipulate sex gadgets is actually a means of letting know that old guys understand them. This will help them become aware that these things are available in the market conveniently and may not require a partner to satisfy their urge.  This is one way of being hygienic.  Like a toothbrush, a dildo is a personal toiletry!

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