Discover your wild side

Couple on bed covered by white sheets by pleasure shopDiscover your wild side… Awaken your fantasies… Carrie Bradshaw once had a write-up about the “terrible twos” – no, she did not refer to this as the stage of an infant where he would always resists and say “no” to his parent’s rules on play and toys and would ask “why” to anything he is curious about, but she tackled the first 2 years of couple’s relationship.

The first two years of a relationship is the design and plan phase where two grown-ups, mature and in love decide how they will grow their years as a couple. This stage also refers to the period of adjustment, exploring each individual’s sexual needs and preferences.

A successful relationship or even marriage is not always finding love and being idealistic about it. Most of the remaining years are spent for lust and companionship which means, this is more about having an exciting and pleasurable sexual life with your partner. Bedroom intimacy intensifies love. Intimacy by foreplay, intimacy by means of using sex toys to add spice and intimacy by means of cherishing one another.

The first two years should drive the couple’s exploratory mission to attaining the “highs” of their passion and discover stimulating sensations. – Pleasure Shop Philippines

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