Gift Ideas

bundled gifts by Danilo RizzutiTired of the old conventional gifts like clothes, bags, shoes, flowers or stuff toys?

Are you thinking deeply for a unique gift or something out of the box to suprise your special someone whether it’s a wedding, birthday or an anniversary?








Some list that may help you.

  • Travel & Leisure

Takes time and preparation and most importantly a lot of $$$$$$, in short this does not come cheap. But if you have the cash then this will truly be appreciated. Buy a ticket to a beach, somewhere remote, somewhere you can recharge and revitalize your soul, away from the busy and stressful environment of the city.

Buy a sex toy for your love one, not only you will catch him/her by surprise it will surely spice up or even save your relationship. For a lot of good reasons, it’s cheaper than getting a hooker, it’s cheaper than filing for an annulment,
it’s safer than a one night stand.

  • Cash

For the busy lazy dogs who doesn’t have the time buying gifts, let’s face it, we all live in a material world, it’s been around since the time of Greeks and Romans, and it makes the world go round. Don’t disappoint him/her with a dust collector gifts like a figurine or stuff toy. Give your someone a fat juicy Good Old Cash, not only will you save you time but energy as well

  • Tech / Gadgets

Cellphones, notebooks, laptops, Iphones. Everyone loves this, not only it’s trendy but it also marks your status and now a days these gadgets has become a part of everyone’s lives.  It’s a great gift and a lot of choices to choose from, even the cheapest to the most luxurious one.

  • Customized Gifts

If you know how to paint or draw, then give your her/him one of your masterpieces. If you know how to write a song then sing for him/her.  If you know arts then make a mosaic or something unique that you cannot buy in any stores.

They say it’s the thought that counts but in reality, what good a gift is if you already have it.