Introducing a Sex toy to your Girlfriend or Wife

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The really first thing that comes into one’s mind in introducing a sex toy is “how the heck will I do that?”

If your girlfriend or wife is conservative or haven’t crossed her mind about using a sex toy during your love making then this guide will help you.

First, like any other introduction you must tell her details about sex toys and what benefits will it bring to your relationship. It’s like introducing yourself on the first day of school, telling your classmates about where your live, your name, your hobbies etc..

Here is an example.

“Do you know something about vibrators? I’ve heard that rabbit vibrators are the best vibrators out there.”

She might answer “Why?” or “Really?”

You’ll say, “Because it has multiple sensation, it can penetrate you while the rabbit thinggy tickles your clit”, and from there you can say. “You wanna try it?”

You can think of many other introductions that may please your partner, it will really depend on how you deliver it.

  • Second, Surprise her, make her submit, do the deed and let the pleasure comes.

Tell your partner that you have a surprise for her, tell her that you will give something tonight that she will truly loves. Then at that night, caress her , do some foreplay, make her feel good until she becomes submissive, submissive enough that all you do and offer her, she will never say no. Then get your sex toy and show it to her. There are chances that she will be surprised and reject it right away, the key is submissiveness, if you’ve done what I asked you to do then she will just sit back and enjoy.

  • Third, is just telling her that you want it so bad.

Tell her that you will truly love if she uses a sex toy in front of you, or if you use a sex toy on her. Say to her that you want it so bad that you dream of it. In this way, your partner, if she loves you and wants to please you the same way you want to please her, then there’s no need for you to follow step 1 and 2, your partner will just oblige herself and let you have what you want.

So good luck and have happy erotic night. – Pleasure Shop Philippines

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