Masturbation..A Good or A Bad Habit?

Masturbation is defined by  many as a sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals, usually  to  the point of having orgasm. This means that you do need  a  partner  to  be  able  to  do this, you may ask for help from your friendly  vibrators  and sex toys or just simply use your hands or fingers. You may touch or rub your genitals and breasts (for female) to achieve your desired  sexual enjoyment.  Masturbation in the simplest word is having sex with yourself.

Studies found that masturbation is normal in both genders and applicable in  all ages. Some  surveys say that men actually masturbate more frequent compared to women.  For some, the younger ones masturbate a lot compared to the  older  ones  maybe because of curiosity. In reality, the normal times that  a  person masturbate is actually from several times per day to a week until  a  month  of  not  masturbating  at  all. There  are actually a lot variations  that  you  can do while masturbating.  Some prefer to videotape themselves while doing the act, others would love to have audience to watch them in action while the rest is comfortable masturbating in front of their partners.  Actually  for  the  others  they  feel embarrassed when doing it especially if being seen by someone.

Information from Health Survey shows that there is a great percentage of among  men  and  women  who  actually engaged in “sex in one’s self”. Some people  think that only people without partners are the ones doing the act, what  they don’t know is that most people with regular partners continue to masturbate. For  some, those who masturbate must be experiencing sexually deprivation  but its actually not. Many say that masturbating is related to having  mental  or sexual disorder.  Is masturbating really bad or good for an individual?

Here are some of the benefits of masturbating:

  • having safe sex
  • will not lead to unplanned pregnancy
  • treatment for sexual dysfunction
  • releases sexual tension
  • relaxes your muscles
  •  helps you fall asleep
  • reduces stress
  • enhances self-esteem

The one listed above are the benefits of masturbating in general it is a healthy way of sexual enjoyment. It is also important that you should familiarize your self with your own sexual responses so that you will know how to explain to your partner your needs and wants and it will eventually lead to a satisfying sexual encounters. Understanding what “turns on” the person is actually a great advantage to build the individual’s confidence and make the person feel content.

Here are the list of disadvantages:

  • Damage intelligence
  • Damage eye sight
  • Damage the organ
  • Feel tired and mentally disturb

In general there are a lot of benefits compared to its unsupported disadvantages.  Does this mean that we encourage everybody to do masturbation? Doing that is actually the person’s own preference based on his or her beliefs. If the person feels that it will be beneficial for him or her better do it but for the others who are a bit conservative and concern of what other people might think, they also have the option of not doing it.

47 thoughts on “Masturbation..A Good or A Bad Habit?

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