Some things happen in the most unexpected place and most unexpected time. I was 19 years old that time when my mother got hospitalized because of pneumonia. I thought that my mother will be out from the hospital in a week time but her stay took longer than expected.

I had a boyfriend that time and he was 20, tall, well rounded guy. My BF and I swapped turns to look after my sick mother.

Since we were both in college and had different schedules, we rarely see each other as one directly goes to the hospital after break time while the other would have to go back to school.

As the days progressed we started missing each other, so my BF asked me to look for somebody to watch for my mother so we could have time to be together even for a day.

We had our first sex about two weeks back then and never had to chance to do it again since my mother got sick. I imagine what was my BF’s feeling and I’m pretty sure that he’s really longing for that. There was even one time that my BF aim his dick on my booty to show that he really missed “doing” it. We have been in the hospital for 3 weeks.. 3 weeks without cuddling, kissing nor sex.

One night my friend arrived at the hospital and my boyfriend quickly asked me to come with him. He pulled me inside the next room where no one was there and started kissing me. I saw my BF with a really horny look on his face and was ready to explode any time. I wanted to stop him but I have to be honest that I loved what he was doing. The next thing I noticed was my guy pulled my skirt down and we were both in the couch on the side of an empty patient’s bed. He started to put down my undies and screwed me like no tomorrow. I had mixed emotions because of the thoughts of excitement and anxiousness that any moment someone could enter the room and see what we are doing, but the act was too overwhelming that I can’t contain myself to stop him, the whole room was filled with moans from both of us. We finished making out within 5 minutes and I can say that it was one of the best. We were about to dress up when a nurse opened the door and was surprised to see us inside the room. But in luck, we were both dressed up and pretended that nothing ever happened, although both of us are covered with sweat and faces that looked like something nasty was just happened! Of course something did hehehe. So we just smiled at each other and hurriedly went to the rest room and clean ourselves.

The following morning the nurse looked at me and had a naughty look on her face, maybe she knew or maybe she doesn’t, but who cares, it was great and worth it!

We all know that when sexual urge comes it cannot choose the situation nor the location,  all you have to do is to be ready all the time.


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