Rainy Days…

It’s been 5 days of non- stop raining, the streets are flooded and a lot of people are busy cleaning their houses and waiting for the flood to subside. But for some who live in condominiums and other safe places, who were not affected by the calamity, they consider these days as their rest days.
A lot of people are into social networking such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, etc.  There are some who keep on chatting with their friends as there are no other things to do due to class and work suspensions.

It may be considered as a boring long holiday, but I think this is the best time for couples to make intimate moment and find their sexy time.  The cold weather is really good for spending time with each other, to kiss and cuddle.   Cuddling is not only a way to express affection physically but it can also make you feel warm and secured.  Normally we treat rainy days as an excuse to do nothing but for couples to do any indoor activity which can strengthen the bond in their relationship.  There are a lot of things that  couples  can  do  during  rainy  days  it  may be listening to music, watch favorites movies, cook, eat together or even try to reminisce the  special  memories  they had.  They can even have some wine or pamper each other with aromatherapy massage matched with scented candles.

If the couple would choose to have it outdoor, they can also do a walk in the rain and get themselves soaking wet. Rainy days give chance to you and your special someone to have a warm time together and have fun.

How about if you are single?  What do you think you can do to beat this lonely time? Well, you need to be creative. You can’t just sit on the couch and have a movie marathon alone.  I suggest you can play with yourself, go on Cyber Sex or Sex on phone (SOP) or even get a help from your sex toy friend. All you need is a clean and satisfying dildo, a lubricant and a desire to go wild so you can enjoy that cold weather.  Anything is possible during this season, it’s up to you to enjoy and love rainy seasons.