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couples kissing in a green field Philippines has been a very conservative country, we are honed by our rich cultures and traditions that identifies as a Filipino and a Filipina. Everywhere we go we carry our values with us and that’s what keeps us apart and unique from any other human race in the world. And like any other species, we are driven to change, no matter how our values and traditions have been kept and passed on in many generations, time together with evolution these things will change whether you like it or not, it is inevitable.

I remember the good old days when there is no means of communication except via phone or via letter (non – electronic), days when telebabad and penpal were thriving, but gone were those days. Today, people or couples have every means of communication no one imagine 20 years ago, one can just text in their thoughts, call instantly using a cellphone, interact to all of their friends, using social network like Facebook or Tweeter. Have an instant video call using Skype, Yahoo or any other media applications, and these are not just done telegraphically, these are done in an instant. There are lot of good things technology has brought to us, and with good things there must be bad right? well I am not sure if it’s bad, but in a conservative way of thinking, I say it’s different.

Young Couples have become more and more interactive, no need to worry if your parents are watching you, no more asking of  “who are your talking to?”, because everyone now can just use a cellphone or laptop or whatever to communicate and have their own privacy.  For a modern guy like me, I say it is good, it helps people get to know each other in faster phase. Imagine marrying someone because the guy took 5 years of “panliligaw”, and decided to marry him even she doesn’t truly and deeply know the guy. And then the wife is all stuck up in marriage where she never wanted, because she doesn’t have the chance to get to know the person more.

A lot of changes happening lately specially in terms of relationship, and some questions will still haunt or affect
a guy or girl due to the fact that cultures and traditions still live inside of us. Will virginity remains a factor in choosing a girl of your dreams? Will a guy needs to be in a decent family background before your parents accept him to be your lawfully wedded husband? Will you love someone that has been already divorced to another person?  Will you marry a woman that has three kids? Is one night stand acceptable? Will sex toys in the Philippines become normal?

These questions may or may not be answered today, but surely change can drive cultures and traditions to evolve. And every single individual has to accept that no matter you don’t like the things that is happening and changing, you as a human will sooner or later will adapt to it, maybe not you, but surely your offspring.

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