Sex Toys in Manila

quiapo manila side walk vendors I normally go to Quiapo to attend mass but what I also love about looking forward to Sundays will be the colorful streets of it filled with bargains and cheap items.

To me, getting a nice dress after each mass is like realizing the meditation of my wishes inside the church. I would always feel excited after we have exchanged and shared our peace to one another. This prompts me that I just have another 15 minutes to wait and head to the corners outside. By the time I‘d take my first step out, I would feel my heart pumping because of excitement. I would feel the rush inside me to hop from one stall to another and find the best piece. I know it’s a weird feeling but it is liberating! The place really offers sorts of all kinds – those pans and fryers the cook would need to deliver a palatable dish, for the medical professionals who need books, to the adventurous shoppers who would love to pick anything that amuse them, to the mothers who would want to put fresh fruits on their tables, to the musician who want a new set of drums and strings of his guitar, to the varsity player who is looking for a new pair of rubber shoes, and even to the lesbians who are outspoken of their preferences and who would want to get a nice toy for play, etc.

Whoops! May I go back to the last portion of my previous paragraph – I suddenly realized how odd the place is when you would actually see vibrators, dildos, and even goat’s eye lashes right there outside of my worship place. It really caught my attention! It really did and in fact, I got curious. It crossed my mind that I can actually use this to spice up my relationship with my hubby. It appeared like a bulb lightened up just an inch above my forehead! I can actually use those!

There were in nice colors – vibrant and bright; they come in different sizes, shapes and textures; some actually look like kids’ toys; some are arranged in boxes like those of firecrackers – name it and I think they have it. But what make me hesitant to go near them are those staring eyes around me. What could be the reaction of these people? Will I be judged negatively? How about my sex life? How about the plan in the couch? My hubby has been eager and I could already imagine him pounding and sweating and not stopping.

I really need one and I need to find out an alternative way to get it! I suddenly thought of finding an  online sex toy store. From there the rest followed. I found variance, more colorful and most especially a discreet means through the net. I can just have them sent to my house without the hassles of buying them in a public place and not having to worry of the humiliation during bag inspections in MRT or in malls. And besides the actual sex toy, they also have these package complete with nose-friendly lubricants, hygienic products and other items ready. It’s just one click and the next thing you’d hear is the LBC man in front of your doorsteps knocking.

That purple vibrator I just bought last week, that makes me think of doing the “couch” again, save for tonight!