the clean way

sex toysJust previously on the last article, I somehow insisted that dildo and toothbrush can be similar in a way that they are both for personal and should be owned.

I have been thinking the past few days I actually meant they are alike- because for some I know that they would find this idea stupid, even non-sense, worse meaningless to those who are not comfortable discussing things like SEX.

But I definitely write because I want to share my thoughts and I want to diffuse what’s inside my mind to the rest of the world.  Writing is ART and writing means you have deep sense of understanding of everything around you.

If we know something, then we should share it.  It is our responsibility to do so.  Let us not wait for that stupid reaction when we would hear in the news that a woman was brought to the hospital for doing it with a dog, or a gay with his bottom slashed and underwent a major operation because a banana got stuck inside his butt just to satisfy his midnight sexual urges.

Before, just like everyone else, I would find talking about sex toys taboo and abnormal.  Although I was not brought up conservative by my parents, it is the society that dictates it.

My only point is – it is much safer to use dildo because it is personal like a toothbrush.  Whenever and wherever you think about getting laid and having the feeling of bursting fireworks, this handyman is ready to serve you in the most pleasurable way.

Inside a car when a horny gets hornier, she may just end up parked in a secluded place with high bushes to cover the deed.  If a gay wants to play doggie style, re-inventing a new position, he may practice with a dildo without worrying about being rushed to the hospital with face covered because of shameful act.  Even couples who desire to take the extraordinary adventures may accessorize the smashing with glow-in-dark little ones.

I also heard that gays have underground parties and they call it “Party and Play”.  On these lustful events, participating in an orgy is as normal as casual.  With Mr. Handyman, in between, they can have the luxury of a relaxed sex party without that after-party nightmare.

Like a toothbrush, the dildo is handy.  You may pouched it and carry it in your small purse.  Like a toothbrush, you can use it anytime you need one.  Like a toothbrush, it comes in different colors and shapes.  Like a toothbrush, you may want to choose the one vibrating to help you make the clean easier.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes hygiene.  Like a toothbrush, it is very personal you can even do it in a public wash are.  Like a toothbrush, it promotes good health and prevents communicable diseases.


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