Types Of Sex Toys In Philippines

 The demand of sex toys to spice up a relationship had also brought by      foreign countries to the Philippines. Sex toys in the Philippines had been seen as a helpful sexual device for both men and women. It controls the sex hormones to give a more pleasurable sex experience.


There are wide choices of sex toys but only the most needed and those that can provide guaranteed satisfaction are being used by me and women in the Philippines. Some of these sex toys are now available at the local market and it includes the following:

  • Rabbit vibrator is the most popular sex toys for women not only in the Philippines but also worldwide. It provides more enjoyable experience for both couple. It is easy to use and very effective as it stimulates more on the clitoris part.
  • Cock rings is the most popular sex toys in Philippines for men. Like vibrator, it is also very easy to use and effective. Cock ring is being placed around the penis. It produces more pleasure to women because it tightens the penis making the ejaculation process too slow. It is available in different sizes.
  • Dildo is made from latex, glassy materials or plastic. It can also be used in the anus. It has the vibrating capability like that of a vibrator. It strengthens the vibration to please the couple more.
  • Bullet vibrator provides greater pleasure compared to rabbit vibrator and cock ring. It can be easily controlled making sex more intimate and satisfying. The speed can be controlled likening to woman’s orgasm.


Sex toys are available in different sizes and shapes. Despite the various materials used, it still engages to its objectives to give better sexual relationships between couples every time they do sexual intercourse.

Sex toys in Philippines are being used mostly by couples during sexual intercourse. Their objective in using this sexual device is to increase sexual pleasure. It increases the arousal of women and men for sex. The use of these sex toys is to improve intimate relationship of both individuals involved. It also contributes to the relationship to be better.

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