Using Fleshlight Sex Toy

A fleshlight is a popular male sex toy that helps men to prevent or postpone premature ejaculation. It became popular because of its discrete feature and design which is portable. It made from high quality materials such as silicon and is available in the market from different styles and colors. It is great to use when stimulating the real experience and unique feelings of sexual intercourse on a premature ejaculation basis.


There is a ribbed version of fleshlight and most men prefer such type because it gives more intense sexual sensation and giving more control for sexual pleasure. The best way to use this is to warm up the fleshlight to prevent ejaculation for just few minutes and after which add some water or lubricants on the area. You will feel a realistic feeling of stimulation when you start to pull off the sexual device. This is where you need to control using your hands so that the sex tool will stay in its power of giving off sexual pleasure to you and your partner.


When using the fleshlight, be calm and relax especially on your muscles to maintain the control of the device because if you will not do so it will violently contract the area. Continue doing the exercise by practicing the long session to build up the moments to easily reach the point. This will definitely the best way to avoid premature ejaculation.


The design of the fleshlight gives a suction feature that allows men to grab the desire of their partner for pleasurable sexual activities. It will be difficult for the both individuals to hold back once they already enjoyed the sexual sensation that it is providing to them. The suction is adjustable by merely unscrewing the button of the fleshlight because the tighter it is, the suction is also tighter. The sex device has a vibration that gives friction to give a more sensual experience to the user.


This will surely bring more pleasure and intense for any sexual activities. It will be a great investment for couples because of the enjoyment that they will be experiencing when using the device. It will bring the masturbation and libido to the highest level to your desired point.