Vibrators and everything…

Vibrators and everything…


Here in the Philippines, many are not open to using sex toys as we are known as a conservative country that’s why I was surprised to see a lot of sex toys shops in the internet. Also, a lot of physical shops and showrooms are sprouting like mushrooms in different capital cities across the country. What does it mean?  There is a huge market of these toys here in the Philippines, maybe Filipinos are just too shy to admit but many have one stash in their closets.

Every time we mention words like vibrators, dildos and anals we see different reactions from people around us. I just realized that it doesn’t make sense as sexual educations are being taught in schools as early as primary level. Bigger percentage of teenage pregnancy is being reported on a regular basis. A lot of organizations such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) were formed. These only shows that Filipinos are now open minded and receptive to new things.

What are vibrators?  As defined in this site, vibrator is an electronic device designed to stimulate parts of a human body, it uses an electrically powered motor that is built in within the device to vibrate, pulsate and/or escalate which provides relaxation, sensation and stimulation, sounds exciting! All you need are batteries then you can have a sexual partner anytime of the day. But not everyone is aware that vibrator is not just for pleasure but it is also designed for caring’s one health.

Many studies proved that vibrators can lead to positive sexual performance for both men and women. For women who uses vibrators it increase desire, arousal, ease in orgasm and experience less pain during sexual intercourse.  For men who use vibrators for foreplay or intercourse with a female partner, reported improvement in their erectile dysfunction, self satisfaction and desire.  Surprisingly, none of them reported any side effects of using the device; it only proves that using vibrators can promote sexual wellness.

What are you still waiting for?  If you want to increase your satisfaction and orgasm all you need is a vibrator which you can bring into the bedroom and use it with your partner.  It will not be difficult to look for one as they are marketed widely through the internet and these also available in mainstream sellers.