10 Speeds G-spot Massager Wand

Category: Vibrators
Name: 10 Speeds G-spot Massager Wand
Model: PS1SGMW2769
Manufacturer: Adult CN



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10 Speeds G-spot Massager Wand is an elegant and discreet plaything, designed for targeted pleasure. 8 inches long, with a sweeping, easy-to-hold handle, this striking colored ABS plastic massager features a ball head designed to roll seamlessly over all external sweet (or achy) spots, delivering thrills (or relieving tension!) with its rumbly vibration, that feel impressively deep, but not overpowering. If you're attracted to the discretion of wand massagers or would like a massager that also doubles as a sex toy as the end part can put your G-Spot into screaming that gives you double the fun with this toy.

Manufacturer: Adult CN

Battery: USB rechargeable lithium battery

Material: Silicone, ABS

Color: Pink, Purple

Texture: Smooth

Shape: Non-Phallic

Length: 8.4 inches

Width: 1.7 inches

Function: Vibrate, Escalate, Pulsate

Feature: max noise less than 50dB, Two motors and 10 speed, Easy to Use, Waterproof


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