101 Exciting Places to Have Sex

Category: Extras
Name: 101 Exciting Places to Have Sex
Model: PS1EPTHS1603


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The mission is straight forward, if not simple... Complete this book! It may sound easy, after all it is only have sex 101 times. We know what you are thinking; that you can pound out this book in a month. That may be, but when you take into consideration all the locations and situations, the task becomes a little more daunting.

This 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches softbound 68-page book includes the great outdoors, planes, trains, and automobiles, poolside pleasure, sporting life, and more. Add some excitement to your sex life... Its all up to you!

Manufacturer: Erotic Toy Company

Material: Paperback (68 Pages)

Function: Sex Tips, Sex Instructions

Author: David Gregory, Chrisitine Pinot & T.B. Gusto


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