What are Anal Toys?

Anal Toys are sex toys designed to boost anal pleasure. These type of sex toys helps people or person achieve anal sex more safely and efficiently. Studies shows that using an anal sex toy increased health longevity of men and greatly diminish the chance of acquiring HIV, STD's and prostate cancer, so by the use of anal sex toys it give more benefits and pleasure.
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First Time Behind Story

I always wanted to know how it feels like to do a girl on behind and how would she feels when I do it on her. I have seen many porns about this kind of stuffs so I pretty much have an idea on how will it be done. One day my girlfriend and I decided to try something to new in our sex life, so I asked her if could anal her straight away. Curious and thrilled she agreed, so I went inside my room and pick up a lube, I pour down a couple or two on my finger first then slit it in her ass slowly. At first she was hurting so I gently rub her clit with my other finger, then the pain become moans, it really turned me on and made me hard so I pour the lube on my penis and enter her from behind, or they say backdoor her. The feeling was estatic! It's like having sex for the first. As I pump myself on her nice and tight ass, I continue to rub her clit and so on. She shouted like she never shouted before and cum more than I can remember. It was the best and I suggest everyone should try it for a change and I'm pretty sure no one will regret it if you do it the right way.