Topco Sales Taffy Tickler Silicone Sweets Dildo

Cyberglass Taffytickler Silicone Sweets for sale Cyberglass Taffytickler Silicone Sweets for sale
Category: Dildos & Strap Ons
Name: Topco Sales Taffy Tickler Silicone Sweets Dildo
Model: PSCTSS492
Manufacturer: Topco Sales


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Love silicone and glass, but hate that you always have to choose? The Taffy Tickler Silicone Sweets multiplies your pleasure with a double dose of these sensual materials.

Twice the texture! With hundreds of hand-dappled silicone tickler nubs in a stimulating ring pattern! the CyberGlass Taffy Tickler Silicone Sweets is hand-blown and gets super-slick for earth-shaking orgasms!

The Silicone Sweets is a smooth glass dildo with a flat base that can stand by itself. The shaft features twists of raised silicone dots that give incredible texture to this sleek sex toy. The bulbous head slides in easily and feels incredible! Both phthalate-free materials are waterproof, which means the Silicone Sweets can join you for an arousing bath or shower experience!

You might think that glass is fragile, but this butt intruder is made of strengthened glass that doesn't easily break. So set your worries aside because it won't crack or snap inside your ass when you work it. Keep in mind, however, that dropping it on a concrete floor will damage it permanently. So handle it with care when you bring it to the shower as soap and water will make it slippery. Also, use gloves to keep it from sliding off your grip.

It offers more than what you think. As it is glass, you can enjoy it for temperature play. Whether you like it chilled or warmed, it won't let you down. You can also use the tips to massage your palms or feet to feel more relaxed. Make sure it's always sanitized for internal use, and everything will be all right.

Manufacturer: Topco Sales

Material: Silicone, Glass

Color: Clear, Orange

Shape: Phallic

Texture: Smooth, Swirly

Length: 6.25 Inches

Width: 1.50 Inches

Function: Glass Dildo

Feature: Eco-Friendly, Body Safe, Swirly Texture for Extra Stimulation, With Suction-Cup, Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Harness Compatible, US F.D.A. Approved


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