Electric Penis Pump Men Enlargement System CN

Category: Male Toys
Name: Electric Penis Pump Men Enlargement System CN
Model: PSEPPV4395
Manufacturer: Adult CN



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The penis is a special muscle blessed with thousand of nerve endings, containing 50% smooth muscle, we exercise our arm muscles by lifting dumbbells, in fact, the principle is the same, repeated stretching of a muscle group for a period of time will make that particular muscle volume group increase and be stronger.

When you use electric pumps, there will be some vacuum pressure around your penis, this pressure will stretch the penis gradually, when oxygen-rich blood enters the cavernous body, it will expand to the max volume, this is the exact same principle with the dumbbell exercise for other body muscles like the biceps.

Using it frequently can increase the blood circulation of the penis, so the erection will get harder and more durable, hence, gaining more intense orgasms and extreme pleasure during sexual intercourse.

As long as there is no loss of normal penile erectile function, it will not bounce, because every time the penis erects, the congestion is a smooth muscle workout. Healthy men will have many times of erection especially involuntary erections at night. the morning erection will prove that there is no side effect in your penis.

The product body USES the food grade material, safe use, Removable type design, allows you to travel, to travel, don't delay increase plan. Vacuum electric control technology, make the penis increases, safe, comfortable, efficient. Security without odor soft rubber washer, make skin contact more closely, durable. Low noise, high power motors, feel free to use.

Manufacturer: Adult CN

Material: ABS, TPE

Battery : 3 x AAA

Color: Blue

Shape: Roundated

Texture: Smooth

Length: 11.41 Inches

Insertable Length: 8.00 Inches

Width: 2.71 Inches In Diameter

Function: Penis Pump, Penis Enlarger

Feature:Easy to operate, Waterproof ,High quality silicone, Powerful suction inhale pressure up to 0.8


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