Fleshlight Flight Pilot

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Category: Male Toys
Name: Fleshlight Flight Pilot
Model: PSFBF1120
Manufacturer: Fleshlight


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The Fleshlight Flight, in addition to the Fleshlight Blade and Sex-in-a-Can product lines, is a variation of the classic Fleshlight. The basic concept - combining a silky-soft insert with a hard plastic case - remains the same with the Fleshlight Flight. The most important difference is the smaller size, as the case as well as the insert of the new Fleshlight Flight is considerably more compact than an ordinary Fleshlight. The Fleshlight Flight is much easier to handle and is also lighter in weight (0.78 lbs / 355 g compared to 1.23 lbs / 560 g) than an ordinary Fleshlight. And that is exactly what the Fleshlight Flight is all about - this masturbator has been designed primarily to be a discreet and inconspicuous travelling companion. Along those lines, in addition to the compact size, the outer design of the insert and the case has been kept as neutral as possible. If you have found the classic Fleshlight too bulky to take on travels, the Fleshlight Flight is a great alternative as it is easy to pack and transport and, above all, it will not attract unwelcome attention.

Arguably one of the most well known and sensational male masturbation products on the market, the Fleshlight is a stroker with a hard plastic case made to resemble a flashlight, with a soft, skinlike insert for an incredibly realistic feeling. The Fleshlight cases rigid construction allows it to be placed for handsfree use in a variety of places - between a mattress, pillows, couch cushions, almost anywhere imaginable. The removable open-ended insert can be taken out and rinsed to clean, and once dry, can be slipped back in for the next use. The end of the fleshlight features a special endcap that can be twisted open or closed to vary natural suction as the user moves in and out.

Manufacturer: Fleshlight

Material: Realistic Superskin

Color: Clear

Length: 9.00 Inches (Sleeve), 7.75 Inches (Inner)

Depth: Approx. 1.25 Inches

Shape: Pussy

Function: Masturbator

Feature: Single Entry, Real Feel Super Skin, Comes with Free Sample Lubricant, Special Cap That Can Be Moved to Open and Closed to Fit its Natural Suction Depending on Your Preference


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