Fleshlight Sex in a Can Sukit Draft

Sex in a Can Sukit Draft by Fleshlight for sale Sex in a Can Sukit Draft by Fleshlight for sale Sex in a Can Sukit Draft by Fleshlight for sale Sex in a Can Sukit Draft by Fleshlight for sale Sex in a Can Sukit Draft by Fleshlight for sale
Category: Male Toys
Name: Fleshlight Sex in a Can Sukit Draft
Manufacturer: Fleshlight



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Quality and purity has long been the key to the rich and satisfying experience of Sukit. Like delicate and beautiful cherry blossums, this soft inviting mouth is begging to whisper all of the submissive tradition of the Far East.

Apart from their outer appearance, the main difference between regular Fleshlights and the Sex in a Can range is their size. Unlike the hefty 9" length of the standard range, the entire canal of the Sukit Draft is just under 7". This is great news if you have a smaller penis and it makes the second part of the sleeve a lot more accessible. Larger guys might want to give this one a miss.

Unlike the full sized Swallow, this sleeve does not have a choice of mouth orifices. Instead, it has the 'standard' mouth which I find less visually appealing than some of the lovely lips from the Fleshlight Girls.

On entering the sleeve, the first small rings of bumps provide immediate stimulation and the ribbed section which follows intensifies this, with repeated constrictions as the penis passes over the ribs. The second chamber widens out and provides relief from the intensity and the wider bumps gently massage the penis head. As you near orgasm, the feeling of smaller nubs and the cross ribs around the shaft becomes a lot more noticeable.

The entrance to the final, narrow section of the sleeve provides a very pronounced sensation of penetration and is one of the best parts of the sleeve. The final smooth section is very, very tight, and the smooths walls make it less interesting than the early parts of the sleeve.

The subtle harmony of consistency and texture will leave you drained of every desire, and have you rising again and again.

Manufacturer: Fleshlight

Material: Superskin

Color: Flesh

Length: 5.50 Inches

Shape: Mouth

Function: Masturbator

Feature: Phthalates-Free, Non-latex, Easy to Use, Single Entry, Real Feel Super Skin, Special Cap That Can Be Moved to Open and Closed to Fit its Natural Suction Depending on Your Preference


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