Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Masturbator

Category: Male Toys
Name: Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Masturbator
Model: PSFTI4026
Manufacturer: Fleshlight


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The Fleshlight Turbo offers you the most realistic and satisfying alternative to oral sex. Uniquely designed with three points of initial insertion, the Turbo provides the mind-blowing sensations synonymous with getting a stellar blowjob every time you use it.

Whether you like to stimulate just the tip or you prefer the tight, spine- tingling sensation of deep throating, the Turbo provides you the tease and the thrill to get to the finish line.

Complete with a non-anatomical orifice and an exclusive texture, the Fleshlight Turbo is about to take you to new levels of sexual satisfaction. Non-anatomical orifice features open slats that allow air to pass through during use which allows you to turbo boost the action in an instant.

Once inside you will experience the intense pleasure of the new Trust design, intended to mimic an expert blowjob from someone who knows what they are doing. Whether you like to slide in shallow and enjoy just the tip, or hammer it in deep for a full-throated experience, the new Ignition sleeve in this Fleshlight is going to deliver results every time and have you coming back for more.

As with all the toys in the range, using an maintaining the Turbo masturbator is easy. The inner sleeve of the toy can be removed for cleaning before being returned to the case. Each Turbo masturbator comes with a sleeve, a clear Fleshlight case with caps at both ends, and full instructions to use and maintain your new toy for years of fun to come.

Manufacturer: Fleshlight

Material: Superskin

Color: Copper

Length: 9.75 Inches

Insertable Length: 8.50 Inches

Function: Masturbator

Feature: Single Entry, Real Feel Super Skin, Special Cap That Can Be Moved to Open and Closed to Fit its Natural Suction Depending on Your Preference


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