ID Lubricants Extra Thin Condoms

Category: Condoms
Name: ID Lubricants Extra Thin Condoms
Model: PSIETC3PLC4004
Manufacturer: ID Lubricants


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Feels like the real deal! ID Extra Thin Lubricated Condom 3 Pack latex condoms are strong yet sensitive, designed to enhance your intimate experience while keeping you safe.

Looking for a thin condom that will give you an experience as close to skin on skin as possible? Look no further than one of our latest release: ID Extra Thin Condoms. This condom line was designed for couples who desire to practice safe sex while maintaining the feeling of close intimacy. Some couples may feel like making use of a condom puts a damper on steamy encounters, or they may just find ordinary condoms too desensitizing for their liking. Those that seek a closer, more natural feel from a condom will find this product to be just what they were looking for. ID's Extra Thin condoms make the experience about you and your partner. As with all of our condoms, our Extra Thin line is fully compatible with water and silicone-based lubricants. While our Extra Thin condoms offer a finer latex for enhanced stimulation, you can rest easy knowing that the quality of these condoms make them both durable and dependable.

There is always a desire to make sex a mutually enjoyable experience while keeping it safe for everyone involved. Men and women both seek these pleasurable moments with each other and would like to know that they are protected. Using a condom is a great way to reduce the risk of something negative developing from an otherwise enjoyable experience with your partner. These condoms are excellent forms of contraception and, like other condoms, do decrease the chances of contracting STI's. Whether it's reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections or you're looking for an effective form of contraception, our condoms can get the job done.

This exciting vibrant foil with a natural clear latex condom is made with the same focus on quality you have come to expect from the makers of ID Personal Lubricants. Materials: Latex. Birth control, contraception, pregnancy prevention, disease prevention, safer sex practice. Please note this product is made using latex and may not be suitable for all skin types especially those with rubber, latex allergies.

Manufacturer: ID Lubricants

Material: Latex

Color: Transparent

Shape: Reservoir Tip

No. of Packs: 3 pieces

Type: Ultra Thin

Function: Condom

Feature: Lubricated, Reservoir Tip, Body-Safe, U.S. FDA Approved


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