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Koro Kegel Ball

Category: Extras
Name: Koro Kegel Ball
Model: PSKKB2699
Manufacturer: Adult CN


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The kegel ball into the vagina, every movement of your body such as walking, running, dancing and so on will drive the natural sloshing steel ball, which hit the wall of the vagina, cause female Vaginal natural shrinkage, bring a itching and butterflies flirting and stimulation. When you are standing or walking back and forth, due to the role of gravity can make Pelvic floor muscle contraction, so as to prevent the ball slides outward. Sustained contraction, regular exercise can increase the clamping force, vaginal sphincter sex, can be wrapped tight Live male penis, climax, will produce greater squash and stretch on the penis. Persist in the morning and evening using the kegel ball every day, every time 30 minutes, regardless of whether you have, your partner
The couple will feel the virgin contains sense from beginning to end, you are more likely to experience friction and impact of the penis, enjoy the perfect sexual climax pleasure!

Manufacturer: Adult CN

Material: ABS, silicone, steel bead

Color: Blue, Black, Red, Purple

Texture: Smooth

Shape: Roundated

Length: 5 inches

Width: 1.5 inches

Function: Excerciser

Feature: Strengthen pelvic floor muscles, Improving bladder control, Treats inflammations in the prostate gland, Improvement of vaginal elasticity, Speeds up vaginal recovery post-pregnancy


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