Leten Dinosaur Baby Egg Vibrator

Category: Vibrators
Name: Leten Dinosaur Baby Egg Vibrator
Model: PSLTDBWVE4479
Manufacturer: Leten



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We offer to buy an incredibly cute egg vibrator completely covered with soft medical silicone with a curly appendage to stimulate the clitoris with additional ribs and two motors. This amazing gadget allows you to combine business with pleasure, exercise and train vaginal muscles.

The Leten Dinosaur Baby Pink egg vibrator is incredibly cute, completely covered in soft medical silicone, with a shaped appendage for clitoral stimulation, additional ribs and two motors. This amazing gadget allows you to combine the pleasant with the useful: have fun and train the vaginal muscles! 10 vibration modes are provided, but you can choose the rhythm yourself when controlled from a smartphone.

A cute pink dinosaur is always ready for games and fun! Its imaginative shape allows you to influence the most sensitive points both inside and outside: the slightly curved nose and elastic ribs on the body of the toy will stimulate every millimeter inside your vagina, and the "tail" with a narrow end and two protrusions will appear directly on the clitoris to bring you to the heights of pleasure. Two motors provide a gentle, but quite powerful effect on all intimate zones of pleasure.

And what is important, your cute pet will also become your trainer: by installing the application on your smartphone, you will be able to perform Kegel exercises with it in 4 programs, Basic, Senior, Master and Peakedness, thus strengthening the vaginal muscles. Such training will help you get more pleasure during intimacy, and your partner will appreciate the elasticity of your vagina.

Controlled by one button, the vibration modes are switched with it (to turn on the toy, hold the button for 2 seconds, to switch modes, just press). A total of 10 options are provided, however, if you synchronize the toy with a smartphone, you will get many more options:

Manufacturer: Leten

Material: Silicone

Color: Pink

Battery: Rechargeable USB

Shape: Roundated

Texture: Smooth

Length: 3.70 Inches

Width: 1.45 Inches

Function: Vibrate, Escalate, Pulsate

Feature: Phthalate-Free, Wireless, Special Curve, Multi-Speed, Waterproof, Quite


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