Brown Fox Tail Metal Butt Plug CN

Category: Anals
Name: Brown Fox Tail Metal Butt Plug CN
Model: PSMBFTBP4387
Manufacturer: Adult CN


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This sex toy is comprised of a gorgeous life-like fox tail and a stainless steel anal plug. The foxtail is 18 inches long and resembles an actual fox's tail.

Anal plug is made of superior stainless steel, safe to body, non-poisonous; Tail is made of superior fur, which is soft, comfortable and portable. Stainless steel butt plug can be heated or cooled, which can make you feel the pleasure from both coolness and heat.

Fox steel butt plug with faux fur tail perfect for BDSM role play. Soft tail feels amazing to touch and stroke swishes as you walk to sensual effect. Recommend to use with lube for better insert, and a whip to match for couple lover role game play.

Tapered plug tip allows easy and smooth penetration. The narrow shaft makes the plug secure in place and keeps the tail part stable between your cheeks.

Made from Medical grade stainless steel, smooth and durable, safe to human body, odorless, never rust and no allergic reaction. It works with any lubricants. Use with any lubricant of your choosing and clean with mild soap and warm water. Then you can air dry them for the next use.

Manufacturer: Adult CN

Material: Stainless steel, Faux fur

Color: Brown


Shape: Tapered

Length: 18.00 Inches

Insertable Length: 2.50 Inches

Width: 1.30 Inches

Function: Butt Plug

Feature: Stainless steel, Faux fur, Nickle-free


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