Omy Clitoral Pleasure Gel

Category: Lubricants
Name: Omy Clitoral Pleasure Gel
Model: PSOCPG1497
Manufacturer: Omy


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O Clitoral Pleasure Gel has been the most popular stimulating gel for women. Sexual dysfunction in women. Sexual dissatisfaction or dysfunction is defined as a loss of interest in sex and/or an inability to become aroused or achieve orgasm during sex.

The Facts: at least 43% of women suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction. Most commonly occurs in pre-menopausal women ages 25-50. Doctors often tell women that if they can not have an orgasm it is psychosomatic. Long-term medical diseases, minor ailments, medications and psychosocial difficulties are factors that can impact a woman's ability to achieve orgasm. Often linked to depression and, or physical pain. Possible solutions for sexual dysfunction: encourage communication during sexual activity between partners, use self-pleasuring to discover what feels good. Encourage fantasy. Practice pelvic muscle contractions and relaxation. To encourage relaxation, add background music, share a sensual massage and, or enjoy a warm bath. Experiment with sex toys. Talk to your doctor.

O My Clitoral Pleasure Gel is very cost effective, with 40 to 50 applications available in each 14 ml tube. O'My Clitoral Stimulating Gel enhances sexually intimate activities by increasing clitoral sensation. The active ingredient, Menthol, provides a cooling and tingling effect that helps to improve a woman's ability to experience greater sexual pleasure.

Manufacturer: Omy

Flavor: Non-Flavor

Volume: 14 ml

Function: Lubricates

Feature: Cost Effective, Glycerin-Free, Paraben-Free, Water-Based, Made in USA. U.S. FDA Approved

Ingredients: Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Sodium Benzoate,Potassium Sorbate, Menthol, Citric Acid


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