Liansha Compact Masturbator Sleeve CN

Category: Male Toys
Name: Liansha Compact Masturbator Sleeve CN
Model: PSQCM4249
Manufacturer: Adult CN


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Bow down before beautiful Liansha Compact Masturbator Sleeve, a realistic vagina with inviting lips that entice you into her super-tight canal. With arousing textures and lifelike detailing, Liansha Compact Masturbator looks and feels just like the real thing, and offers on-demand orgasms whenever you desire.

Silky smooth, soft and beautifully curved The passage of a normal masturbator sleeve is like a hole or a tunnel. Liansha Compact Masturbator Sleeve has a passage with almost a zero diameter, just like a real oral, until you push against it, when you glide through, feeling like you're pushing through layers of muscle and flesh.

Incredibly real! With a smooth, realistic skin feel on the outside and a deeply textured vagina for seriously satisfying penetration. Super stretchy and soft to accommodate and pleasure you in every day, this is a true treasure from the orient. Modeled on the famous porn star, plunge into this realistic vagina and enjoy an array of bumps and nodules along the canal for extreme pleasure. Discover her G-spot and experience incredibly lifelike sensations.

Boasting a textured 3D canal with separate chambers, enjoy an array of sensations with every stroke, heightening your pleasure even more with lashings of water-based lubricant. Plunge further to discover suction-creating ribbed folds that caress your length. Finally, you encounter the textured back wall with textured bumps to provide unique sensations. After use, wash with warm water and allow to air dry.

Manufacturer: Adult CN

Material: TPR

Color: Flesh

Shape: Pussy

Texture: Textured

Length: 5.40 inches

Width: 2.40 inches

Weight: 265 grams

Function: Masturbator

Feature: With Textured Inner Tunnel, Waterproof, Easy to Clean


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