Romant Sonia Massager CN

Category: Vibrators
Name: Romant Sonia Massager CN
Model: PSRSM3080
Manufacturer: Adult CN


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The next generation when it comes to cutting edge sex toys, the Sonia massage wand features innovative technology that provides a unique, touch responsive pleasure sensation every time!

Body massage wands are hand held body massagers that can be used by both men and women for massage all over the body, including erogenous massage! When used on the fleshy or muscular parts of the body, massage wands can help to relieve tension in muscles and can even help with pain relief and relaxation of the body. When using Romant Sonia on the external erogenous zones, heightened arousal can lead to intense climax in a matter of seconds, with the powerful vibrations sending these sensitive nerve endings into a seriously pleasing state of overdrive!

While personal hand held body massage wands offer powerful stimulation, sometimes it's nice to experience the responsiveness of a lover - that intuitive response and change of pace in response to what your body needs. Intuitive pleasure is now available, even if you don't have another person in the room with you!

When other body massage wands are becoming a bore, this body wand offers a unique massage experience that is second to none.

With a round head that offers generous coverage and a curved body for better access to those usually inaccessible places, Romant Sonia hits all the right places with ease.

Part of the luxury range of massagers by Romant, this cleverly designed massager intensifies vibrations corresponding to the pressure of your touch!

Perfect for relieving tension and relaxing muscles, the natural touch sensing technology allows you to explore sensual massage with vibrations that naturally build on skin contact.

Couples and singles can enjoy rechargeable massagers in the comfort of their own home to help relieve stress through full body massage and to reconnect with their bodies.

Manufacturer: Adult CN

Material: Silicone, ABS

Color: Pink

Battery: Rechargeable

Texture: Smooth

Shape: Non-Phallic

Length: 8.00 Inches

Width: 1.50 Inches

Function: Vibrates, Pulsates, Escalates

Feature: 7 Stimulation Modes, LED Controls, Whisper Quite, 100% Waterproof


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