Twister Egg Male Masturbator CN

Category: Male Toys
Name: Twister Egg Male Masturbator CN
Model: PSTETC2818
Manufacturer: Adult CN


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They come in different types, but all of them as one guarantee a man an unforgettable experience. And not only for him.

Egg Male Masturbator will give you the ultimate in adult pleasure. These little eggs are made out of a revolutionary material unlike anything you have felt before.

Egg Male Masturbator is often used not only for masturbation, but also for sex with a partner. It's an easy way to spice up your sex routine. Each egg has a removable hard plastic capsule. A kind of "Kinder Surprise" for adults. Inside you will find a sachet of lube and some simple instructions.

The inner part, which is used for sex games and masturbation, is the most interesting. The patterns applied to the soft surface vary from one product to another.

Very simple. Remove the small capsule from the toy. Take out the sachet of lubricant. Squirt the lubricant into the inside of the egg. Spread the lubricant properly on the inside of the toy. Characteristic squelching and chomping sounds are a sign that you are on the right track.

Place your penis inside a lubricated egg and… enjoy! Egg Male Masturbator stretches very well, so you will have ample space to work.

Manufacturer: Adult CN

Material: Silicone

Texture: Clicker, Stepper, Twister

Length: 3.00 Inches

Width: 2.00 Inches

Function: Masturbator

Feature: Elastic, Single Entry, Lube Included, Stretchy


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